Friday, August 10, 2007

Finicky Friday

I had to go to town today because I was too lazy to do it yesterday and I've had this powerful hankering for some homemade chili. I was short of a few of the needed ingredients and had a couple more things that needed doing, so I went.

I should have gone yesterday or waited until Monday, cause I know better than to shop around here on Friday (the first of the month is freaky too).

First stop was 6 miles in a westerly direction so I could visit the little, old, black man in order to pay the bills and gather up this month's bank statements for the improvement district. Then I back-tracked to do the banking for that same district, and finally was able to drive on into town.

Next, I drove to mid-town to register Zach for a Tae Kwon Do class at the college. That was a waste of time and fuel because apparently the college offices are closed on Fridays? Who knew? So, on to Wal Mart I go.

Those who've been reading my meanderings for awhile know that there is not much in this life that I absolutely dislike,,,well maybe there is,,, but not as much as I dislike Wal Mart! There was no reason to change my opinion of the dreaded place today either. I waited in line behind a woman who decided, AFTER she'd check out, that she'd spent too much money and they needed to take off some 10 or so items, that she had to search through 2 dozen bags for.

My frozen french fries were as limp as cooked noodles by the time they finished with her and there was still someone ahead of me in line.

After I loaded the groceries into the back seat of the truck, while sweating in the 101 degree outdoor sauna we're experiencing down here this week, and last, we stopped, and Zach bought my lunch at the drive-thru at McDonald's (not my first choice but he was buyin!) They must have been having a finicky Friday there too cause when I got home and opened my Big Mac box, the all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame bun, looked like a Mac truck had run over it. Twice.

Ever had to eat a Big Mac with a knife and fork? I did, but only after I unloaded, and put away, all those groceries, and I couldn't even do that half-ass right.

While unloading the dozen, half- filled, bags, I leaned down to pick up something I'd dropped and banged the corner of a cabinet door into the top of my head. At least I saw all those pretty stars and flashes of light before the pain hit and I lost all control and cried like a baby.

The crater has turned into a lump that's sort of egg-shaped now, I've had 4 ibupros, and a cup of coffee so I'm going to make it until the next time I have to leave the house which I hope is when the temps have dropped at least 10 or 15 degrees.


Special K said...

"Finicky" has to be the understatement of the year for describing your Friday, poor muffin. Like a trip to Wal*Mart wouldn't suck ass WITHOUT having to afterward eat a pulverized Big Mac, to say nothing of nailing yourself on the noggin.

I'll say it again: poor muffin.

Cal said...

Friday's definitely don't sound like good days round your way! Hope the head feels better soon.

AndiePandie said...

Damn I hate days like those. Hopefully your saturday will be loads better! Despite my MA camp I didn't have a very good night either.


Joan said...

Whoa Brenda, slow down. Nailing yourself in the noggin and all.

T*mmy said...

Oh poor thing!! I've seen stars before and it ain't fun :(
I dislike our Walmart because it is huge and they try to run it like when it was small with only a very few registers open...grrrrrr!!
I hope you get to feeling better!