Saturday, August 04, 2007

Smiles and Moans

One of the best smiles was having Jillian spend the night last night. We went to Hornlake (a Memphis suburb in north Mississippi) yesterday to buy up all those things I hate to have to buy very often (toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc,,) and we stopped by and picked up the Beans on the way home. She's been miserable with an ear infection and Jerri needed a good night's rest.

We played, and played, she wrestled with Zach, read loads of magazines and books, got an early bath, and then, around 7ish the little sweetie climbed up in my lap, stuck her hand down the front of my shirt, threw her head back over my arm, and was asleep in about 2 seconds. She slept until around 8 this morning.

Nanaw did too!

After breakfast we played and read more books then PopPop came home and I was able to slip away to the bathroom to get a quick bath while he was SUPPOSED to be watching her. When I came out of the bathroom she was standing outside the door waiting for me. James was on the porch talking to the neighbor, and Zach was engrossed in a gameboy game. So much for thinking they could surely handle babysitting for 10 whole minutes!

Alexis called me last night to tell me she had made me a birthday card and she and her Momma were making me a special birthday cake. They did, the card was beautiful and even had the cutest little paperdolls included in the envelope. The is cake delicious! They also bought me a lovely pair of earrings and a wonderful fragrant candle. Jerri and Bubbie also cooked lunch for us which is always a lovely change!

Isn't it great to have a birthday that's celebrated for days? I feel so special!

The moan came this afternoon cause James and I juiced tomatoes with our new handy-dandy electric juicer, used the food processor to almost liquify some hot peppers, onions, and garlic, for our first attempt to make and can some BBQ sauce. (I'll let you know if it turned out ok.) Normally I don't mind canning because I love to see the end result, but today it was just too danged hot to be doing all that stuff.

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!


cassie-b said...

My birthday - in late July is still going strong. I got another gift yesterday, and still have several to go. Our (large) family is all nearby, but we're all so busy, sometimes it's hard to get together.

Happy Birthday

jazzi said...

It sounds like the smiles outdid the moans! Well, hopefully!

Michelle said...

just visiting from Pea's blog to say happy belated birthday! Mine is also Aug 1st :)