Thursday, August 16, 2007

She's Gonna Blow Soon

I've casually mentioned (so it won't be considered bitching) that someone, who won't be ME, needs to climb under the house and clean out that dryer vent again because it's taking FOREVER to dry a load of clothes. I've casually mentioned this little item about 3 times over the last two weeks.

So,,,yesterday, when Himself came home from a meeting/fish fry at the John Deere shop, dripping due to there being no A/C in the shop, and threw his clothes in the utility room, I told him, "I won't be doing laundry anymore until the dryer vent gets unstopped or you put up a clothes line." You'd have thought I'd asked him to fly to the moon and bring back a lunar rock or something.

I know he's been working hard and in this heat it's extra miserable, but I also know that we've already had to have a repairman out to replace a heating element in the dryer that's barely a year old because of this freaky ventilation pipe. The pipe is very near to the A/C drain and it seems it makes condensation build up and causes the lint to stick in the pipe.

I'm no engineer, but maybe replacing the pipe with something other than metal might help? Go an extra mile to save 100 is my take on it, but I'd the dumb-ass here, so what do I know?

That's all I've got to say about that, for now.

Mary Winkler spent her first full day as a free woman in awhile in McMinnville, TN on Wednesday. She was sentenced to serve 210 days of a 3 yr conviction for voluntary manslaughter for killing her husband on March 22, 2006. 60 of this sentence had to be served in a mental health facility. After time served, she spent 67 days incarcerated after the trial. She now faces a legal battle with her inlaws to regain custody of her 3 daughters.

In my opinion, the woman was not on trial for being a bad mother and deserves to be able to raise her daughters. I watched her trial and after watching the mother-in-law's testamony, there's no way I'd want that hateful, old, broad to raise my kids. I'm certain that she was completely devastated over her son's death, but even when proof of the constant abuse her son had heaped upon his wife was presented, she continued to insist that he was a kind and gentle man who'd never do any of those things.

When testamony was given that her husband would put his hand over their baby's mouth to stop her from breathing so she'd stop crying, I decided right then, I'd have shot that SOB more than once and with absolute intent!

Now, about OJ Simpson.

I think he murdered his wife and her boyfriend in cold blood and got away with it because a jury was selected that was just too stupid to see through all the bull that went on in that trial.

I'm still on the fence about whether I'll read his book.


Mary Lou said...

Well he grumbled but did he fix it? If not, stick to your guns! let him wear dirty clothes.

Brenda said...

Nope, he hasn't yet.

Sally said...

There is NO way I would read that book. Nope, too many other books that would be true to read trash. That's my opinion, I welcome yours. ha!

Hope the dryer gets fixed; if not, well Mary Lou said first. :)

Phyllis said...

Call in a fix-it man and pay him to re-route the dryer vent hose!

That lady needs to get her kids back from the witch!

OJ will pay for his crime some day! he will!

Will I read the book? hmmmm, who gets the money? They ought to charge him $1.00 for every book sold and give it to a charity for orphans!

Virginia Gal said...

I won't read the book but I know OJ did it - you can tell that he is dying to admit it, he's always on the tv or doing media, he's bursting to gloat, "I did it and got away with it," look at his smarmy grin and hence the book and chapter. He's such a cocky son of a b*&$ and crazy to boot that now that the trial is over, he wants to tell how he did it - he is an egomanic. Aye!

Houston said...

I want people to read OJ's book. It's as close to a confession as we're going to get, and I think the jury that found him innocent should be required to read it.

Actually the jury reminded me of those White juries in Mississippi that routinely found KKK's innocent of murdering innocent Blacks.

In both instances, the juries take on the negative kharma just as surely as if they'd handed the murderer the weapon he used.

As for that poor woman in Tennessee, she certainly convinced someone that there were extenuating circumstances. I agree with you that she was not convicted of being a bad mother and ought to get her children.

As for your dryer vent, good luck.

Brent said...

I've got some insight into OJ's murder trial based on the evidence. I have spoken with several "experts" who testified. They said that O.J. is guilty, but the prosecutors asked the wrong questions. They KNOW he committed the murders.

cassie-b said...

I wouldn't read his book if it put even a dollar in his pocket!

Brenda said...

I read somewhere that the Goldmans have dibs on any revenue made by the book.