Sunday, August 19, 2007

HughesNet's Customer Service SUCKS!

Friday morning I came in here to my little office to log on and read my online news and a few blogs and my satellite Internet service was down. I tried rebooting the computer, rebooting the modem, still nothing. An hour later I gave customer service a call. Adam, with his heavy accent, who probably lives in IRAQ or some other hostile country, ran his tests and said my modem was working fine and after humming and hawwing a bit shared with me the fact that the system was doing an upgrade.

Adam didn't know how long this would take or exactly what was happening.

Adam didn't know on Saturday morning either.

I didn't call Adam today because, lo and behold, it started working. Adam is a lucky man.

I'm pretty upset that HughesNet doesn't seem to think their customers should be notified prior to doing an apparently scheduled, upgrade, nor do they seem to think it appropriate consideration to give the customer information when the customer calls in. They sure think it's appropriate to charge those monthly fees IN ADVANCE for services that might be down for 2 days! (and WAS).

I'm still looking for an address for the HUGESNET corporate offices so I can whine and complain. Although, the whining and complaining about paying for 2 days of NO service is most likely the reason I can't find a danged address. They're clever, these folks that sell you something but treat you like crap after you've spent all your hard-earned dough on the service.
(Graphic kindly provided by Willowtree)
Guess what's coming tomorrow (excuse me while I turn a couple of geriatric cartwheels here)? It's big and yellow and emits all these happy, shouting, voices when it turns into the drive.

School starts toooooooooomorrrrowwwwww! Which is a good thing except for having to roll my old butt outta the bed at 6 a.m. again for 5 mornings a week, and the little matter of wrestling the Terrorist over homework again.

Anyone got any pointers on what to expect in 5th grade these days? If it's much harder than 4th grade I may have to consider re-enrolling into the 5th grade myself. Reckon they'd allow a grandmother to have do-overs? Not all of it would be do-overs because I'd never seen some of the stuff they did in 4th grade!

Zach will be having 4 different teachers this year too, so this is a first, for him, and me. I can't remember changing classes until we were in about the 7th grade (this was back when we were still living in caves though, so I guess it's changed a tad.)


T*mmy said...

Good luck in the new school year!

cassie-b said...

best of luck with 5th grade. I think I'd be ok with all but the math. It seems to change with the years.

Have a great week next week, and don't forget to go to bed early!

Brent said...

Brenda, I'm going through the same thing with my 8th grade 13 year old. He hates school, hates homework, hates chores, etc. I think this year I'm going to light a fire under his ass. I can't take it anymore so it's time to become a mentor. I will accept no slack!!

Willowtree said...

Good luck. I had a great picture of a school bus for this post, but I couldn't find an email address to send it to. Never mind, I just thought of something....

Brenda said...

Thank you Miz Tammy. Summer break sure did zoom by this year.

The math gave me fits, Miz Cassie, until I bought one of the text books, then it only gave me little fits. :-)

Brent, let me know your method of "fire to the ass" and I'll give it a go if it works.

Thanks for the graphic Willowtree. I added it to the post with pride.

jazzi said...

I really hate that all the internet providers have farmed out their customer service to foreigners. I want somebody that always understands english. There's been a couple of times that the person I was speaking to didn't get it.
Good luck on the 5th grade. The math just keeps getting worse!

Brenda said...

I'll probably need to hire a tudor before too many years have passed Miz Jazzi. I'm still struggling to get him the help he's entitled to in the public school system.

Cindra said...

It's hard to say what Zach will be learning this year in the 5th grade. It changes from state to state.
I love that school bus!
If Zach has been tested they should be able to assist with textbooks and other help. E-mail me.

Sally said...

I wish you the best of luck this year, Ms. Brenda. The thing is, little Zach is very fortunate to have you taking an interest in his school work. I shudder to think how many kids don't have someone like you around to help them through. Love the school bus. It started today here also in this county. My grandson starts Friday.

Joan said...

If lighting a fire under his ass doesn't work, try some firecrackers, that might get him hopping:)

At least you will be able to have some nice afternoon nappies!

Mary Lou said...

Oh GOD! I am soooo glad Tim is 35! I hated getting him up and ready for school. He was a SLUG!!

Nothing worse than a teenager Brent! NOTHING! Well maybe a 35 yr old shit head!

mreddie said...

That is a great 'school' bus! My granddaughter started high school this year - I must be getting old! ec

Anonymous said...

What I say about HughesNET, pull a Nancy Regan and Just Say NO!!!

Worse thing I ever done and most expensive. I have only had this system since April which I don't like but have been living with. I called in on 9-28-2007 because I wanted to pay off the equipment financing. I took a forever for the agent to understand what I wanted to do. The agent was like you have to take care of the balance due first. Well heck I had just paid it a couple weeks ago and next payment was not due till 10-18-2007. So I just paid it the $106.00 which is my normal bill with there $5 paper statement fee. Then she was like ok you owe $400.00 on your system. I was like ok thats fine. She took my $400.00 payment. Two-three days later I get a bill for $800.00. I with two $400.00 equipment payment line items. So I go online and look and see, shows my credit card payment posted and a remainder blance of $400.00. So I didn't thank much of it and emailed and requested somone e-mail me back with a resolution. Only reply I got was the auto-generated one. After a week I went back to my account online. same deal. So I decided to call. The young philipino was like no sir those charges are valid. We dont reverse vaild charges. Could not make her understand what i was saying. Last time I checked there was only wane pimp size dish on my house. She is like no sir you have two systems. I just hung up and thought I would trie it again the next day. Lord same deal, it would be nice if they would stop reading scripts and listen. After the "No Sir I can't help you" I asked for a manager. Well got a manager and all of a sudden the system went down for mantainace. I explained the entire thing to her and she was like sir I cant help you. Then I ased is the scheduled maintance you have an estimated time frame it will be done. No sir we dont know. So I just hung up went online I could look at my account, not sure why she couldn't. So I tried another e-mail. I am being to wonder if I am ever going to get this fixed. I get a letter that DSL is going to be in my area soon from AT&T. You better bet I'll be paying that $300.00 early contract fee. Same speed not bandwidth limit and $19.95 no contract. I am going to post this on as many boards as I can find, and I hope I hit my bandwidth limit. My tech support experiance has just been long and drawn out. One tech told me to unplug my modem for 10 days. I just dont call anymore. I hate it when you hit the wrong button or 0 there IVR says EXCUSE ME?. Now thats rude.

Anonymous said...

HugesNet LLC the worst nightmare i have had with the internet use since i bought this DELL and needed help God Bless us silly people trying to get what we pay for.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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