Friday, August 24, 2007

It's Never Boring Around Here!

Congrats to my niece, Detra, on the birth of her new baby, Addison. Addison's big sister Bailey is very proud. This makes me a Great Aunt X 2 !
Merikate caught a baby squirrel the other day and the next day added another one to their home zoo. I've forgotten, again, what they named them.

Alexis was dancing and singing while Jillian played her guitar.


Virginia Gal said...

pretty baby - too many animals, zoo must be trimmed. LOL.

Please let Zach know I'm sending him many many good luck wishes for this school year!

T*mmy said...

What is funny is the dog watching them dance as if he is used to it!!
Purdy it a boy or girl??

Brenda said...

I'll relay your good luck wishes to Zach. He needs all the help he can get!

It's a little girl.
Bugs, the dog, is used to all the rowdiness in their house. See her look of patience? lol

Sally said...

Beautiful baby, my goodness, how sweet is that? :)

I can't watch the dancin & singin; you know I'm on dialup!! But, can use my imagination and know it is really something to behold.

Sorry, I can't help it, I do not like squirrels. :)

Have a great weekend, Ms. Brenda.

Cindra said...

LOL! Love the southern drawl coming through. What sweet little girls... we know they are full of beans!

cassie-b said...

Now that's what I call talent. American Idol, here they come!

Mary Lou said...

I have babies coming to the bird feeders with their mommas, but I sure cant catch them.