Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The Beans doing her nudist thing as she enjoys a cool dip in the pool. Jerri has given up trying to keep clothes on her when they're at home.
Sun fried corn all ready for a combine. The dust will be flying around here soon I reckon.
Even the little butterflies are having a hard time finding a bud that's not crispy fried.

I swear, it's hot enough to scorch a lizard's butt outdoors this week!!
Yesterday we spent a good bit of time sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck to do his thing. Jerri's Niece was meeting us half way with the Chick, who'd been in Little Rock all week, and when we were just a few miles away from meeting her, her car left the road, traveled quite a few yards before landing in a ditch. Everyone was buckled up so noone was hurt except for Dallas, her Niece, who's got some mighty sore muscles.
While we were away on the quest to fetch the Chick, Jami called and had been to the doctor after falling off the ladder in their pool. She's broken her foot in 2 places and will spend the next 6 to 8 weeks in a heavy boot and on crutches. I went over today and mopped her kitchen and left Zach to help out until tomorrow. (I hope he feels some sympathy and will at least vacuum for her).
As for me, I'm just hot and cranky. My head's all stuffed up so I've taken 2 benedryls and I"m going to get nekid soon and go to bed!


Sally said...

I think there's a lot of that going around, Ms. Brenda. Hot, scortched, nekkid. So sorry about Jamie. That's a bummer! Take care!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Right on! Clothes are overrated!

Cal said...

Hope everyone else manages to stay accident free. I'll send some of our rain and chilly winds your way if you like ;)

AndiePandie said...

Oh jeeze there's a bunch of drama going around! Did the car slip on some gravel or something? We've finally had a break from our intense heat that was going on. Thank dog. It was disgustingly hot.

willowtree said...

Is that corn for stock feed? I live in a broadacre farming area and our corn is harvested a little earlier than that (ours is for people).

Brent said...

Oh, when you talk about gettin' naked my blood pressure rises!!!

mreddie said...

We are having the heat too - I have spent a lot of time inside in the A/C. While pulling weeds around the back of the house, I ran a lizard out but I don't think he burned his butt because I was working in the shade. :) ec

mreddie said...

By the way, I think they spell nekkid with two k's around here - maybe it's a regional thing. :) ec

cassie-b said...

That's a lot to be happening all at once. I'm glad that the folks in the car didn't get seriously hurt.

And my sympathies go out to Jamie.

stay cool!

Joan said...

My goodness you have a lot on the go in such a short time. Hope everyone is okay. Our heat wave has lifted and I had to put the furnace on this morning because it was cold!

T*mmy said...

Wow...that corn is dry! I hope it is worth harvesting!
I hope you feel better soon, so far so good on Zyrtec for my own allergies!