Thursday, August 09, 2007

No Vista For Me!

At least not in the near future cause I'm afraid I can't afford the loaded machine it's gonna take to run this OS properly.

I could tell from the get-go that it takes a LOT of memory and a LOT of processor to run Vista and a computer that's over a year old (unless it's one of those loaded gaming puters) isn't going to handle it. Truth be known, the new computer, an Acer, that my Cousin just bought, isn't loaded enough to run all the Vista trimmings because it froze up twice just in the little bit of time I was there. Kinda makes you wonder why they'd sell you a machine loaded with an OS that it wasn't built for. (like they give a darn once it's unpacked and sitting on your desk).

Forget using most the the current versions of the virus protection software you have now.

If you're doing a "from the box" install of Vista, you'll have to uninstall your current virus software and after the Vista install, hope that you can find a version of that virus software that will be compatible with Vista. And don't even imagine that all of your other software, that you previously used on XP, is going to be compatible either, for the same reason. Forget the old hardware equipment too, the drivers for that stuff ain't likely to be there.

The Password-entry and "Continue" boxes required by the User Account Controls will drive you batshit crazy!

Within the first 1 hour, I had at least 10 of these popup boxes asking me things like, can the firewall run and block something and unblock something. I paid attention for a while but then was tempted to turn off the feature or just click ok because I couldn't even understand some of the questions it was asking me to give permission to do!

And the absolute worst part!

My Documents and My Pictures and My Videos are GONE. Some genius made the decision to to store user profile information that WAS stored under ‘C:\Documents and Settings\’, now be moved to C:\Users. Why the hell would you do that? What about applications that are using the ‘C:\Documents and Settings\’ structure? That whole directory is now gone and now applications that rely on that or use hard coded paths will certainly break when you try to transfer them, won't they?

That's as far as I got but it's not looking good to me until, and unless, I can afford a puter a hell of a lot bigger and faster than what I've got.


PEA said...

My computer is almost 5 years old and that's why I don't dare buy any of the new programs out there. That's their whole plan, making people need to buy bigger and better computers if they want to keep up with the latest software!!! Oh dear, losing some of your files is NOT good. xox

Mary Lou said...

I think I will stay with XP. I really like it. Now if only my laptop would.

Leslie said...

Sounds like Microsoft's got a real winner here. Sheesh.

Attila The Mom said...

Ok no Vista for me either!!!

Willowtree said...

LOL! This problem is as old as computing, or more correctly, corporate greed. I learned to program on a PC clone running DOS.3 with no hard disk and two 360k 5.25" floppy drives.

I've had to migrate computers to Windows 1.0, Window 3.0, Windows 95, Windows 98, Millenium, Windows XP and Windows NT. That doesn't even cover the Application upgrades (Office etc)

And the only thing that you can confidently bet money on, is that some bonehead in the development team thought that changing something that everyone else in the world is used to, was a good idea!

That and two other facts of owning a PC (as opposed to a Mac) 1) You will need a new computer every time a new OS is released, and 2) it will keep crashing until the third or fourth Version released.

Cindra said...

Well that confirmed it. My next computer will be a MAC.

cassie-b said...

I'll make no changes to Vista - my pc is old, and when it makes me angry (ok so far), I'm switching to a Mac.

Thanks for the review.

AndiePandie said...

Hey Ms. Brenda! Happy Friday!

Sweetie said...

Whoa - that sounds crazy alright. I just noticed this morning, the store where my computer was 'built' is now out of business. Bummer, cause you know I don't know diddly about 'puters.

Hope you have a good weekend after all that!!!

T*mmy said...

I kinda forsaw this!!
LOL with you not at you...teehee!
I had headaches with Blogger yesterday, much less trying anything else...sigh!

Special K said...

My co-worker, Jared, recently bought a new computer, and since he figured he'd probably need to pay for an upgrade later on, just opted to have Vista installed at point of purchase.

Big mistake, apparently, and for a lot of the reasons you listed.