Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You'd think I'd learn

One of the little male pups, with a full belly, taking a little nap in our neighbor, Jesse's lap.

I swore I'd never become attached to another animal after our little Bichon Frise, Gizmo, was killed by a low-flying car 20 years or so ago, but how can you not become attached to a bunch of chewing, squirming, biting, licking, whining, pooping, peeing, puppies?


I guess I was mellowed out from the trip to West Memphis with James for his doctor's visit yesterday, being thankful and all that we hadn't had to wait forever because I was as gasey as a Goodyear blimp after the lunch we'd had at Shoney's, because I volunteered to take the puppy pack to the vet today for their puppy shots. (Got to remember to call first in case the doc has other plans for today).

James put the dog carrier in the back of the truck for me last evening but I've been worrying all night, between periods of restless sleep, about them getting car sick, or hungry, or thirsty, about how I'm going to be able to gather up all those little dudes and get them into the carrier, if they'll be ok if I stop to have lunch (I'm pretty sure the Mexican place doesn't allow puppy guests) with Georgie, our neighbor, who's going with me to lend a helping hand. Also, I was concerned about hubby's intention to purchase the puppy shots himself and administer them to the pups, even though he's been giving the boosters to his other dogs for years, I worry.

One of them, Dempsy Mocha Mallard, has already gone to her new home with the Chick and Jillian where I know she'll be loved and treated like royalty, but I worry about the other 4 who'll be leaving us in a few days for their new homes. What if noone is there to play with them?

I'm sure some folks are wondering why I'm worrying about puppies when the state of the world is near crap, but I'll worry about that next week. Unless something else comes along.


Cindra said...

So, where did George go?

Shenida Weave said...

I'd rather worry about puppies... worrying about everything else going on in this sad world right now makes my head hurt so bad I long for an extended vacation in "Vicodinland"...

Tammy said...

I never thought I would love a kitty like I do!!