Thursday, March 08, 2007

Springy Doins

I"m gonna hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George!

I was sitting outside with Jerri and the chickletts yesterday, the puppies were in and out of the kennel and Alexis and Jillian were in hog heaven to have all those puppies to play with. The cartoon above came to Jerri's mind as we watched Jillian try to herd the puppies into doing things her way.

This little fella followed the Chick everywhere she went.

It's so nice to be able to sit outdoors in our shirt-sleeves this week, makes me wonder if Spring has finally sprung or if it's just teasing.


cassie-b said...

I remember short sleeves.

Hopefully, spring is about to visit us here. We had snow yesterday. At least it was pretty, and I got to work from home.

Such cute little girls.

Tammy said...

Wow...I loved the puppie/gkids pics!!
And chick has on flip flops...awesome!!

Joan said...

Hi Brenda,

I loves that puppy!! awwwwww

I can't wait for spring .. I'm fed up with this crappy snow, but snowbanks are still 3-4 feet tall...ewwww.

Thanks so much for your card!!! What a nice surprise, Gord was very touched. He is doing great. He had a Dr.s appt. yesterday for a follow up yesterday and he is just fine.

Joe said...

Hi Brenda, pixs are just too cute! :-) Ryc Your right, have a great weekend!

Brent said... snow on the ground in your pictures. *sniff* WE HAVE PILES OF SNOW!! Spring can't get here soon enough!

Virginia Gal said...

oh my goodness how cute!!

You should send this pic's to the Ellen show - she loves baby photos and puppies.

Houston said...

I'm terrified to get any where near a puppy or a kitten. (Look roomie, look what followed me home (after I gave its owner a thousand bucks). Can I keep it? Please?)

Hey, sugah, that new sidebar feature you've got that RockYou! is too cool. I've added it to my family blog and I'm planning to add it to my Dancing with Myself blog.

You trend setter you.

Cindra said...

Is there a cuter combination than children and puppies? That is such a precious photo. You need to get that blown up and framed. I think he looks like a George.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Why are there puppies in hog heaven? Shouldn't there be piglets in hog heaven?

I am confused...

PEA said...

Hi Brenda...catching up finally!! Awwww those pictures are just too I'd love one of them puppies but just wish they'd stay that small! lol I can't believe it's Spring over there already...still lots of snow here and cold temps. Sigh! xox

Tine said...

Aw that first picture is SO cute!
We have also lovely weather today. Spring has sprung :)

Attila The Mom said...

Awww, they're sooooooo gorgeous! Can you squeeze them and call them George for me too?