Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jerri just sent me an Email

The coffee pic is blurry, however when you are caught at 7 am making coffee for moma act all shy and like you don't know why your "dister" (that's Jilly speak for sister) is telling on you!!!!!! Now later, when you are caught red handed...well purple handed painting yourself with melted candle wax at 3 pm that very same day you blow big kisses so that moma will laugh and not give you a good ol southern ass spanking! and for good measure I tossed in a cute pic!
I'm still howling with laughter every time I look at that little, purple, smoochy face.
Better her than me! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!


Dana said...

Absolutely adorable! LOL

Cindra said...

This child is going to be responsible for a whole crop of gray hairs. What a cutie... one can say that when one doesn't have to clean up the messes.

kim said...

There were people coming from down the hall to see Jilly's purple face! They all said thanks for the chuckles!

PEA said...

Omigosh, how adorable is that! lol At first I thought it was a jar of blueberry jam she had gotten into! Oh dear, what they can get into and in a blink of an eye too! I remember knowing when my kids were up to doing something they shouldn't be...it would be too quiet! lol