Sunday, March 25, 2007


Trish called the other night to tell me that Jaylen, who's only 5 1/2, has lost her first tooth. This is a milestone for younguns ya know.

Anyway, Trish told her to put her tooth under her pillow when it was time for bed and the tooth fairy would leave her some money for the tooth. Jaylen said, " Ut Uh! I'm not going to do that because I don't want some strange fairy coming into my room when I'm asleep. You buy my tooth." Trish said, "Ok, how much?" Jaylen thought for a second then said, " $40.00." Trish told her, "No way! You'd best go put that tooth under your pillow for that fairy and see if she's needing a tooth enough to pay that much for it, I'm not paying you $40.00 for a tooth!"

They finally negotiated down to $4.00.

I was laughing about Jaylen not wanting a "strange" fairy to come into her house and Trish told me that she doesn't allow the Easter Bunny to come unload their goodies either. Trish has to meet the Easter Bunny at the front door so he won't make an in home delivery.

Jordan has also lost a couple of her teeth lately but Trish didn't mention anything about her having a problem with the fairy visiting. I reckon at her age, the idea of cold, hard, cash, overcomes any worries about strange fairies coming over while they're asleep.

I wonder if Jaylen has thought about the fairy coming into the house to leave money for Jordan? Ha! I'll have to ask Trisha about that next time we talk.


cassie-b said...

Now that's a funny story. I'm not sure I wouldn't be willing to lose a tooth for $40.

Aren't kids great?

(I've tried to comment 3 times. Sorry if you get 3 copies of this response.

Phyllis said...

Yep, this is a new era.
The tooth fairy only gave me a dime! $40.00???!!! YIKES.
Smart kid!

Mary Lou said...

4.00 for a tooth?


Whispering Hope said...

Inflation Whidbey sisters, get a grip! hahaha

I'm with Jordan - and, still believe. Wonder what the beloved fairy will leave when I get false teeth! :)

Cute story - kids are the greatest!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Damn, that kid is SHARP!

John Strain said...

I used to try to pry my teeth out just to make money and the going rate when I was a kid was only a dime.