Tuesday, February 27, 2007


My butt's sore from sittin on it, that and getting a shot in it today. I tried for 2 weeks to do the OTC route and told the doctor as much. His advice about OTC drugs (I think he's in cahoots with the pharmaceutical dudes) was, "why didn't you just take a hammer and bop yourself in the head with it for all the good that stuff did you?"
Anyhow, I figured after 2 weeks and being up to 3 naps a day already, I'd best go on and go see the man and nip the sinus thing in the bud. (although the numerous naps sure did no harm).

I've been in another world in that I didn't remember the date until yesterday and so I missed calling Jordan to wish her a Happy Birthday on Saturday. She turned 9 without hearing her Nanaw sing birthday greetings that sound like a howling dog in pain so it could be that she's happy about missing that part.


Our Jillian is sickly again with an infection in her eyes. Poor baby is trying to hang on for Spring so she can maybe get over all these bad bugs that keep dealing her so much misery.


Tine said...

happy b-day Jordan, hope you have the best birthday ever. Poor Jillian, hope she feels better soon. And now something else. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price of one cotton stick or how you call it, no roots on it just to put in a vase with 6 cottonballs on it, 2 dollars please! I'm not sure what you get for one stick but i'm SURE it isn't that much

AndiePandie said...

Was it allergies Brenda, or an infection? Either way I hope you feel better soon!

And of course he's in with the drug companies, they all are. LOL :D

Sally said...

Glad you went to the dr. and feel better soon. Nothing much worse than sinus pain. Happy belated birthday to Jordan; she's such a cuties. And, poor little Beans; I'm sorry she's not feeling well.

Phyllis said...

Hope you get better now! Amazing what antibiotics will do to a sinus infection!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JORDAN!!! My goodness, Nanaw missed the big day? That is being really sick for her!!
I just read about the small twister you watched!! That's scarey! I've seen similar clouds but never really thought it was a real twister up here!!
Sounds like God is protecting your property.
Do you have a storm celler?

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan...and I hope you and your family are well real soon!!

Mary Lou said...

HAppy Birthday Jordan! Almost Little League time again too!

kim said...

Happy Birthday a little late, Jordan! Look at that great catcher's stance she has.
Hope the doctor kicks the sinus garbarge for you, Miz Brenda!