Friday, February 23, 2007

Who'll be first?

James Brown died on Christmas day, Anna Nicole Smith died on February 8th, and neither have been placed in a final resting place. For grief's sake, can't these money hungry vultures find something else to fight over?

I blame our delightful justice system in both cases (who in my opinion think they are auditioning for a Judge Judy spot on TV) because surely there's a legal means to determine, before decomposition, who has the full and legal right to decide where the deceased will be put to rest if no will was left giving instructions.

Whatever happened to having respect for the dead?

And don't even get me started on the "who my baby's daddy" thing. Holy Shit but I'm tired of it all. It's taking up precious news time which should be spent on the circus act going on in Memphis as to who's stealing what and what went with it. (We folks over here in Arkansas enjoy seeing what our neighbors have been up to).


cal said...

I completely agree with you, Brenda. The whole thing is a total circus.

Sally said...

Judge Judy would have done a better (and faster) job. I agree with you also.

Tammy said... say it like I wanna!!
But you know...I've always heard death comes in three's...I wonder which celeb will be next...could it be Brittany Spears who may have a brain tumor or something is driving her wacky...I mean she shaved her head and has checked out of rehab...what three times now??

mary lou said...

Get 'em Brenda! Ah got those STOOPID letters down there, I can NEVER get them right.;

I told, ya.. try # 2....

Phyllis said...

This country is getting ridicuously embarrassing!

Cindra said...

AMEN! What is this world coming to. Love your Rock You Widget!!!! Gots to get me one of them!

CJ said...

Good grief, WTH? I get so sick of seeing Ms Anna in her "drugged up" state of mind. Didn't her "mom" seem to be "on something", or was it just me?

I say let her be buried in the Bahamas next to her son and just STFU about the whole thing. GEEZE when we die, do ya think they'll tote us around for a month of freakin' Sunday's before they bury us? (Yes I'm being VERY sarcastic). Just gitter done and move along, ya know?