Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's decided to be Winter around here.

No snow yet for us although it's spittin and gittin all around us. There's a chance of snow mixed with sleet tonight, but I'll believe it when I see it. The kids were all excited yesterday about the possibilty of some snow and woke up this morning with no white in sight, there were plenty of sad faces.

There was a thin glaze of ice on my front porch this morning so I treaded carefully across to the steps, took hold of the rail, stepped onto the first step and my foot slid off and slid down the next two leaving my other foot still on the first. I sure didn't know I could still do the splits! The insides of my thighs have been screaming protests off and on all day,,mostly when I moved.

Sweet T waited until near 'bout the coldest day of the year to have her puppies, on Tuesday she had 7 little black and white uns. Nairy a one looks like Willie so we're not sure what's going on with that hussy. They all look like her and the first doggy fella she bred with. I think James and Leonard got their dates mixed up, maybe.

Anyway, as soon as I'm at home during daylight hours I'll take some photos so I can show ya'll the little darlins. James says that T is being a great Momma and is taking really good care of them (I was a little worried about that cause she's a very hyper).


Cindra said...

He sure lucked out on that one. Can't wait to see photos.

Kentucky Gal said...

can't wait to see those puppy pictures...and gal...I hurt for you at the description of your little accident!!

Attila The Mom said...

Get out the cocoa and stay warm!