Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tutu's and Houseshoes

I was heading over to see the Chicklets this morning and called Jerri to make sure they were awake. She told me everyone was up and the girls were playing dress-up already. Jillian was wearing a purple tutu, had a santa tied around her waist, and was wearing pink houseshoes. The Chick was wearing a Tigger suit and Strawberry Shortcake houseshoes. Things are just about back to normal over there.
No puppies at our house yet. Under threat, I wasn't allowed to tell anyone about the dingy thing that hubby did about 7 days after T (our German Shorthair pointer) was bred with the chosen father of her pups-to-be, (although I did tell a few folks because it was just too good not to!) He'd staked his two dogs, T and Willie (who's a Britiney Spaniel) out on a chain one afternoon to get them used to it because there was no kennel where they'd be staying in S.D. After he'd done this, I looked out the kitchen window and asked him if he was sure they were far enough apart because they might decide to fight, or something, since they'd always been in a kennel separated by a wire fence. He told me, "Oh yeah, they're far enough apart, they can't reach each other". I mentioned again that those chains looked pretty long,,and he told me he knew what he was doing. Oh well,,,,

About 45 mins to an hour later, after he'd had a refreshing nap in his recliner, I heard him raising 9 kinds of hell and went to see what was up. He was looking out the window, at T and Willie, who'd become "romantically inclined". I know he was upset, they had big plans for T's pups, but I couldn't help laughing about it, although I did have the good sense to do it out of sight. I live with a man who never does wrong, Ha!

Anyway, at first it was, Is She, or Isn't She, then it was, Yes, She Is, but I hope it's the first doggy friend. She should have whelped on the 23rd,,, she didn't, so I reckon Willie is going to be a daddy! Both dogs come from excellent pedigree but definately different breeds. I bet the puppies are going to be the cutest little doggies in the county!

The other day I had tax clients in my office, a couple, who almost made me lose my manners.
The husband had about the worse case of BO of anyone I've ever come across, so I was dizzy from lack of oxygen from trying to hold my breath as much as possible while they were in there.
The wife, a nurse, who'd become disabled last summer, had a little, round, pixie face, her hair pulled tight and in a top-knot atop her head, and crossed eyes. Because I generally look into a person's eyes when I'm talking to them, but by trying to do this, I was getting a headache. Lord help me, I didn't know where to look and it was becoming painful with trying! I was sure glad to be done with their returns!

Then, today I did one of the ditziest things I've probably ever done. (although if I really give it some thought, I might come up with something worse). I was in Wal Mart, and ya'll know how I love going to that place, and was checking out, when I noticed one of my brother-in-laws sitting in the pharmacy waiting area across from the check-out. After checking out, I stopped outside the pharmacy and spoke to him and asked him how he was doing. He told me he was doing just fine and was waiting for a prescription. I then noticed the crutches sitting beside him and asked him, "What's up with the crutches?" He gave me a puzzled look and said, "Well, I need them to walk," while at the same time, turning a little in his chair to show me that he only had one leg.

I nearly shit my pants! At that exact moment in time, I realized the guy wasn't my brother-in-law! I don't know WHO he was but I just kept on like I'd known him all his life and said, "Well, you sure are getting around good these days and you look great!" as I was pushing my buggy on out of the store.

I though I only needed my glasses to see to drive!

I think I'll just stay in the house all day tomorrow and give the world a rest.


Kentucky Gal said...

Jillian is a little cutie...I'm so glad she is out of the hospital!
BO makes me gag!!
And bless your heart, maybe you do need those eyes!!

Joan said...

HAAAA!! You might want to invest in a pair of binoculars!!

Cindra said...

I've talked to people before that I thought were someone else, but never said something like that! I thought I would die! I snorted so loud it hurt!
You have some panache pulling it off like that. He's still trying to figure out who you are!!!

Phyllis said...

HAHAHAHA How embarrasing!! You pulled that one off pretty good!
Did you tell your brother-in-law? HAHAHAHA

Sally said...

That's one of the best Wal-Mart stories you've told yet Ms. Brenda! You're like me, everytime we go there, "something" happens! :)

Anonymous said...

Mercy, Brenda I do some silly things but you my dear are too young to be acting like that. I am still laughing.
Your Jilly is a little doll.

Mary Lou said...

OHMIGAWD THat was funny! Get you see him in your tax office too.

mreddie said...

Glad the little ones are about back to normal. The Wal-Mart story was my laugh of the day - thanks! ec

Virginia Gal said...

Laugh out loud on the Wal-Mart story, thanks - I needed that!

Tine said...

jullian is such a cutie face just like all your other grandchildren. My sisters baby girl was in the hospital for a few days. SHe is only 3 months. She was diagnosed with Bronchitis and an ear infection.

Leslie said...

I'm so glad to hear the good news about that sweet little Jilly Beans :)

Way to go on the smooth exit in Wal-Mart, Brenda. Damn, you're good. : )

kaliblue said...

Are ya snowed in yet?. :-). Saw where ya'll are getting snow purty good.
Have a good warm weekend!!

kaliblue said...

Are ya snowed in yet?. :-). Saw where ya'll are getting snow purty good.
Have a good warm weekend!!

Kathleen Marie said...

Awww I hope she feels better soon. What an adorable photo. My grandbaby had an ear infection that went from one to the other. It was awful at 6 mo of age.

Puppies! I hope you will post pictures!

Hugs to you all!

Anonymous said...

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