Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hush and put on yer Shades

So? What'da'ya'll think? Looking over the blinding font color,, I needed something that would show up against the blue background and that hexcode color appeared to be much calmer on the chart,, what do you think of the banner I made out of some drawings the kids did for me? I gave the talented artists credit over on my sidebar.

I had a day off at the tax office today and I got a little done this morning around the house. This afternoon, Zach and I had doctors appointments, and that took a lot longer than it should have, but we finally made it home with Sonic in a sack for supper. The doc gave me some different meds to take during the day for these cranky muscles and joints I've got from old Arthur visiting me most every day now. He's a wicked old cuss and something's gotta tame him if I'm going to continue to walk upright. He's even been messin with my sleep time and I can't be having that!

Zach's leveling out with his meds now too and made a C in Math for the 2nd 9 weeks. His teacher even put a little "yea!" on his report. I'm hoping he'll continue to do well and get rid of that D he had in conduct! His other grades were excellent, I couldn't even fuss about the C he had in reading because it was only 2/3 of a percent from a B, the rest of his grades were A's and B's.

MeriKate, Krysten, Abby, and Jordan are all making the honor roll with A's across the board!

Soony (Danielle) called from Holland today to tell me how their holiday was and how her family was. I love for her to tell me all about Jesse, her handsome baby boy. I remembered to ask her today if it was ok for me to post his photos on my blog and she gave me permission so here he is! Isn't he just precious? I was going to post a photo of him with his mommy too but blogger isn't cooperating tonight.

Well folks, it's past bed time and I have to be up early tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great Tuesday!


Cindra said...

Good morning! The yellow does wake you up! The banner art is fabuloso, but the artists are even better looking. Hip Hip Yippee to Zach! And to his biggest fan and supporter, Grandma! You two are a great team. He'll be up there with the girls in no time. He has the smarts to do it.
I'm back at school, too. Sigh... I need the structure in my days.
Take care of yourself and beat ol arthur with a cane.

Special K said...

Holy cow, is that kid in a mop bucket?

brenda said...

Nope, that's a european baby bath. It's safer than the kind we use. Neat, huh?

jazzi said...

The font doesn't seem to blinding. Did you tone it down some? LOVE that banner! Tell the kids they did a great job!

Virginia Gal said...

I am so happy for Zach!!! All A's & B's, and a passing grade in math. He rocks! Please give him a hug from me.

Joan said...

Your blog looks great, and I see you got your links fixed.

The kid in the bucket is so adorable. Also glad to hear Zac is coming along in his schooling.

Cal said...

The colours go great together. Glad to hear everyone is doing so well in school!

Attila The Mom said...

Looks fabulous!! Love all the pics!