Saturday, February 17, 2007

Basketball and Princess dress-up Tea Party

It's been a busy weekend so far. Two peewee basketball games, one last night and another this morning. This afternoon we went to Alexis's Princess Dress-Up Tea Party that Jerri gave her to celebrate her birthday. If you click next over on the right side there on my webshots page you can see some of the other pictures I took at the party.

Jerri made all of the decorations and she did a fantastic job. I wish I had even a smidgen of her imagination!

Trish and the girls were there and Jami and her girls too, but Jami had to leave early with Abby because she was sick.

This is Nanaw, over and out.


Cal said...

Looks like a great party. Have a good Sunday, Brenda.

PEA said...

Sounds like you sure have been busy! I so loved the pictures from the party, more and more people are starting to make birthday parties with dress up themes:-) I'm still laughing over your story of "almost" having gotten a tattoo! hehe Hugs xox

Kentucky Gal said...

awww...I wanna go to a "tea party" cute they looked!!

Virginia Gal said...

oh a dress up party - what a lovely idea!

What happened with the shooting, I'm in Northern Virginia which use to be south. For the longest time we didn't lock our doors, but now we are a suburb of DC, so we have a security system.

Joan said...

She sure is lucky her mom goes through all that trouble for tea party!!! Cute.

mary lou said...

What cool pictures of your babies!!
Jaylen is growing so fast!

mreddie said...

Cute pics of the tea party - reminds me of my girls when they were small. ec