Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What I Did on My First Full Day Off, Alone

James walked in around 8ish last night after a hard day of field work and asked me, "What did you do constructive today?" I had to think for a minute or two but I finally came up with a list.

I turned off the water that someone left on outside, who knows for how long?

Started work on a tax return.

Cleaned the 2 inches of dust off the ceiling fan in my bedroom.

Vacuumed the master bathroom.

Washed the dishes that seem to magically appear in the sink here.

Washed a load of laundry.

Took a bath and washed my hair.

Took a nap.

I'm still not sure if any of that was constructive, but he asked.

Today I am going to get a hair cut and I have a list of things to do while I'm in town.

I hope I don't forget the list.


AndiePandie said...

I probably would have said, "Nothing yet. But I'm about to kick your ass. When I'm done you can ask me again."

But I'm punchy like that. LOL

Kentucky Gal said...

lol...I most of the time forget my list and get harrassed by the Hubby...I tell him don't worry I have a "photogenic" which he laughs his butt off...I don't know why???

Brenda said...

I remembered to take the list but then I lost it so a lot of good it did me.

Joan said...

Ditto to what Andie said LOL

Mr. Fabulous said...

The nap is VITAL!

mreddie said...

Your day sounded very constructive to me - good job! Now about the list thing - I do well at following the list and don't usually lose it - but the remembering to take it to start with is what I really need to work on. ec

PEA said...

I think that nap was very constructive!!! hehe Today I had one of them days where I felt I was busy all day but I didn't accomplish anything! Sigh! xox

Phyllis said...

The last time my husband asked me that I slammed the door on the way out, and haven't been back since!
But I think Andiepandie's remark is funnier!

Tine said...

OMG, I feel tired just by reading about the stuff you did. Relax at the hairsalon

cassie-b said...

It sounds as if you had a wonderfully productive day.

And isn't it nice that you have someone checking to be sure that you were busy enough.

I hope you enjoyed the nap!

Sally said...

James is such a good 'ol boy! :)

mary lou said...

ANd he had a hard day riding a tractor?

Kathleen Marie said...

That sounds like a very constructive day to me...a little more muscle and work than riding in a tractor, listening to music, drinking pop...yeah, I was married to a farmer for 19 years. He has been retired from farming for 5 years now and still works as hard as ever but hey, Moms and Wives NEVER get to retire or sit around on their arses all day!


Brenda said...

He doesn't get to drive or ride on the tractors, he's the boss, he has to work. ;-)

Brent said...

Brenda, God bless you, you don't have to justify your day. We know you work your ass off!!! And don't let anyone think you don't. Let them know!!!

Joan said...

I see you are playing with a beta did you get the picture on the header??? Come on...tell me!! Because I'm thinking about using a template but I don't like the thought of nothing on top.
Inquiring minds need to know.

angel, jr. said...

That sounds pretty constructive.