Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hazards of Being a Nanaw

You forget for a few seconds as you're hanging 5 on the back of a 4-wheeled, brightly colored, turtle who's made for little butts to scoot on, while using curse words stout enough to make the most rogueous sailor blush, the wonderful feeling of two little arms circling your neck for a hug and the sweet, unforgettable, smell of Johnson's baby shampoo. I wonder if I can train one of the little darlins to rub my aching knee?

I'm quite sure Martha Stewart would gasp in horror at the decor around here but I know I have something that she doesn't and likely never will, a style that says I'm a Nanaw and that toy telephone that you'll be digging out of your butt before you can lean back on the couch proves it!


Phyllis said...

And you are the BEST nanaw I know!!

Kentucky Gal said...

grandkids and brand new pets...what great photo ops!!!