Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Something I'm good at

I'm quite good at a lot of things but one of my best attributes, at times, is probably sarcasm. I think that's most likely the reason that my favorite cartoon characters are


and Maxine

There's just something about their attitudes about life that make you come to appreciate sarcasm and the things it will let you say that you normally wouldn't dare to. My favorite time to use sarcasm is when it zooms over the head of the receipient, like a fly attracted to the aroma of watermelon-scented hair spray. Although the effect of the sarcasm is lost, no feelings were hurt and you can get a little relief from those murderous urges that make you want to choke the shit out of someone.

Ok, so now I've got that off my chest.

Has everyone been working on the photo challenge that's coming up in just 10 more days?


Autumn said...

Classic cartoons are always the best..
Also I love the Christmas template you have!

Autumn said...

Classic cartoons are always the best..
Also I love the Christmas template you have!

cassie-b said...

No new challenges for me this time of year. The Christmas season is enough to keep me slightly frazzled.


The cartoons are cute. Thanks. I'm going to have to share that Maxine with a couple of friends.

Joe said...

Hey, girl ok I've missed it! What photo challenge? I belong to one on another net, didn't no we had one? Love the pics.

Andie Pandie said...

Sarcasm is my middle name. :)

Joan said...

Brenda, could you post the rules for the contest again. No, I didn't loose them!! (that was my sarcastic remark for the day heh). Seriously, I forgot about the contest.

Sally said...

I've been known to be sarcastic; back in the day. My worst problem lately is not being politcally correct it seems. Hard as I try, I still mess up and hurt feelings.

Not doing the contest because I'm also illiterate, but anxious to see what you get!

mreddie said...

I like Maxine and Garfield as well, I do try not to be sarcastic, but sometimes it just slips out. ec

John Strain said...

Sarcasm is good. I had my early training from the publishers at Mad magazine.

I bought the whole series of "Snappy answers to stupid questions."

I loved the Three Stooges and Bugs Bunny.

I still do.