Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Parts of my day could have been better.

Since He Who Wakes the Birds is off gallivanting around in South Dakota this week, I've had to dust off the ancient clock/radio/alarm and struggle to remember how to set the durn thing. I will no longer moan and groan when He Who Wakes the Birds comes in to growl, "it's time to get up" cause noone should have to wake up to that alarm racket!
Since I stayed up until after 1 a.m. last night to watch a really good movie, the alarm startled me so badly this morning that I ended up on the floor on hands and knees wondering where in the hell I was, and where in the hell that noise was coming from.

That was my exercise for the day, right there!

After I swilled a few cups of coffee and hustled the terrorist out the door, I had thoughts of going back to bed for a bit but instead I called Miz Bea down at the beauty salon to make an appointment to get my hair cut in the early afternoon. I muddled around here for a bit and left early enough so that I could go by and see the Chick and Jilly Beans. They're doing just fine except they're still sniffling.

I almost went to sleep while Miz Bea was washing my hair before she started in snipping some of the length off my hair but hearing all the local gossip woke me right up so that I managed to go to the grocery after to buy those eggs I've been forgetting to buy for days.

I was getting my second wind and had gotten into the house with grocery bags and purse when I dropped the bag with the 2 dozen eggs in it. Uncooked, scrambled eggs are sure do make a mess, didja know that? I managed to save about 8 of them,,maybe that'll be enough to last until I go back for more.

Right in the midst of the 4 hour homework wrestling session with Zach tonight, as well as cooking a couple of the salvaged eggs for supper, the phone rang. It was Jami telling me if it weren't for bad luck she'd have NO luck,,I was listening to half an ear and she went on to say she'd wrecked her car when a tire blew out, and I said, "well,,didn't you have insurance"? She said, "Yeah, but you'd think you'd first ask how I was doing". I said, "Well, I figured you must be doing ok, you're calling me to moan and groan about it!" but she'd hung up on me. I reckon I'm in the dog house,,,AGAIN.

And how was your day?


Leslie said...

Compared to all you went through, mine was a breeze. Here's hoping for a better, eggless Thursday, Brenda.

(Was the movie Eight Below?)

Tammy said...

a neat trick to clean up egg goo...dump a box of regular salt on the mess and let it set up then just get your broom and sweep the gunk into the dust pan and throw for me

Cal said...

I hope today goes a lot better for you Brenda!

Sally said...

That's the kind of thing Patti would say to me, and she'd hang up also. It's the reverse when I tell her something like "I fell off the ladder" - she'd say "Oh no, did you break a nail?"

Here's hoping today is good for you, Ms. Brenda!!

Joan said...

Boy James is a long way from home. South Dakota isn't that far from here. Our neighbour was up North hunting and didn't get anything..YES!! I pretended to be sad. Last year he gave me part of a moose (gross)... it's still in the freezer.
Now for your eggs:
See, that's what you get for carrying all your eggs in one basket!!

Special K said...

I hope you're having a better day, toots.

Brent said...

Hey, it's almost the holidays, when things REALLY get crazy!!!!!

mreddie said...

My best laugh of the day. :) Of course I wasn't laughing at you, but WITH you. The exercise sounded rather energetic plus not just anyone can actually swill coffee - not sure I could. :) I did feel for you about the eggs, I have done such messy things before. A better day to you tomorrow. ec

jerri said...

nanaw you can only rate them once I went in to rate them again today and it said I already rated them in the christmas baby contest BUT I AM EXCITED because I just found out alexis is the top rated girl and they are both in the top 12 woooohoooo LOL
if any of you want to go rate their pics here are their links and view the others there are some CUTE baby christmas pics!
Makes me kinda get in the spirit LOL


cassie-b said...

My day was probably a bit better than yours. At least, I don't think I made anyone angry.

And I hate when alarm clocks scare me. Ruins my whole day - or at least my morning.

Have a nice day today!


Attila The Mom said...

LOL, well it was better than yours, that's for sure!

ewww--egg mess!!