Thursday, December 28, 2006


Time for this old gal to hit the hay. Got a day of training tomorrow to go over the new tax software and what's new with the IRS before beginning a new tax season on Jan. 2nd. I'll be sure to pass on any good news if it's to the taxpayer's benefit. The new satellite is installed and I'm excited that it doesn't take so long to load my favorite blogs,,now I just need some me time in order to play more with it.

Later friends!


Phyllis said...

Hi, SOunds like your Christmas was great! Uh-Oh....Tax time again!
hehehehehe Have fun!

Sally said...

Thanks for the reminder!! hahaha

I'm up to my eyeballs learning about medicare YUK!!!!!!!

Andie Pandie said...

Hooray for satellite!

Ugh taxes! I'm not looking forward to it this year because I have to figure everything out.

Attila The Mom said...

eeek! Taxes! eek!

Mary Lou said...

OOOO A Fresh new look too! I wish I could that as well as you do! I just figured out photomerge. :(

Kentucky Gal said...

I lovvvve your new layout!!
Fits you to a T!!
Happy New Year!!

Brent said...

You sound so excited!! Good luck!