Sunday, December 10, 2006

Not Enough Shopping Days Till Christmas!

This month is going by much too quickly! Wasn't it just yesterday that it was Thanksgiving, and then Dec. 1st? I have some of the shopping done but I haven't wrapped the first thing,,not that I ever get in too big of a hurry to do that dreaded job (for me) anyway. I did go and buy some more bows and stuff today cause I can't find the ones I put away that were left over from last year. Some day I'm going to run across all that stuff that I put away and I'll be able to open my own shop with it!
I guess I don't have anymore excuses for not wrapping some presents to put under the tree so I reckon I'll get right on it tomorrow,,,maybe.

Zach and I went over to sit with the Chick and Jilly Beans on Friday evening so their Mom and Dad could go out to dinner for their anniversary (which was actually last Saturday but there was the wedding). I didn't do too bad, Jillian may be sporting a black eye though, where she met her rocking chair head-on. The child is a little dare-devil, both of them are, but Alexis has grown enough that it's not such a far fall for her now when she jumps off the couch. But then, Jilly Beans is right behind, she's gotta try it too!

I've got to go Christmas shopping with James some time soon (yep, he got home from his trip about 9:30 last evening), Ya'll pray for me,,,or maybe you should pray for him..


Leslie said...

Actually it does feel like yesterday was your Thanksgiving and also that Jerri was pregnant.

Good luck with the shopping and wrapping. I love those little gift bags -- they sure make wrapping easy!

PEA said...

You got that right, the days this month are going by much too fast!!! Even though I started my Christmas preparations early, I'm still finding myself scrambling around to get things done! I went on a wrapping marathon yesterday...I used to enjoy wrapping, now it's become a CHORE! Ugh!

Joe said...

Hum... sounds like it's time for James to take another trip! :-) I think Zac has an admirer!

mreddie said...

Cute photos! Let us know if James doesn't survive the shopping. :) ec