Monday, December 11, 2006

News of Note,,,,or Not

The big news down here in the Mississippi River delta today? The local Sears store in a nearby town got robbed. They broke in last night and took a turkey fryer and a blender. James got a firsthand update on the doings cause I sent him by there to buy my needed 5 gal. tub of laundry detergent, and since it was probably the most excitement the store owner has seen in 30 yrs, he had to share. My only thoughts on the break-in were, "Hmmmmmm,,somebody got their Christmas Shopping done."

A turkey fryer and a blender? Geez, if I were going to risk going to jail and possibly spend time being incarcerated with Big Bertha and her sisters, danged if I wouldn't have grabbed at least one of those big screen TV's in there. Some of our rednecks have loads of lights on but there's nobody home much ( could be they're all out robbing Sears, Ha!)

Another little thing I'd like to share is this holiday smack-down advice from WebMD Etiquette expert, Peggy Post.

Or to save some time, you could use my strategy;

Tell em to leave and then lock the door behind them! But I've not had to do that in a coon's age.

I'm getting kind of excited about Santa's arrival cause I'm anxious to see what Jillian will think of the present thing this year. Last year she wasn't all that interested in things. She was probably thinking we were having a storm of some kind what with all of the paper and stuff being ripped apart and tossed aside by the other kiddies.

I can't wait to take photos!

Ya'll having a good week out there?


cassie-b said...

Enjoy your week.
Unfortunately, we don't share Christmas with any little children any more. They're all growing up so fast.

Andie Pandie said...

I'm trying! :)

I'm pretty excited for xmas this year too Brenda. We're staying home which is a change for us. :)

Tammy said...

Doesn't Sears have Jewelry too or what about those LL Bean $50 sweaters...obviously a man thief!!
When our home was broke in to I knew a woman was among them because my Mamaw's engagement ring was gone and the rest of mine had been tried on...sure enough...
Silly gal, went from college to prison...

Brenda said...

Only a local Sears appliance store here, just a few tools, TVs, steros, stuff like that.

Kathleen Marie said...

Ha! That was so funny and I totally agree... If you are going to get caught and go to jail for doing something really stupid like breaking into a Sears store, you might as well go to town and steal something really big and/or really expensive. I mean, how about the jewelry counter...some real diamonds in there.

Some people have no brains at all! My guess it that it was an inside job.

Joan said...

Hey Mizz Brenda,

I got your card today,it was toooo funny!!

I can't wait to show it to Plow Boy tonight!!


Sally said...

hmmm, I'm thinkin a young kid maybe overhearing his parents
wanting the fryer and blender.
Otherwise, I don't have a clue
why someone would go to all that
trouble and not come away with a
tv or something!

I know Jilly Beans will be jumpin
up and down this years. Can't wait
to see the photo's. :)

Brent said...

It doesn't even feel like Christmas here. No snow, warm temps. It's weird.

Phyllis said...

And I can't wait to see your pictures!!
We have kids in the neighbothood here, and living in a trailer park we have some needy ones, so a few of us will have a blast playing "secret Santa" at midnight!!

Leslie said...

It would be funny if someone tried to return a blender without a receipt after Christmas ;)

Mary Lou said...

Our Sears store in Oak Harbor only sells large appliances and Lawn mowers. I spose I could tote a stove home on the back of the lawn tractor! I need both

Joe said...

Hey that's big news girl! But I agree if you gona get locked up make it for a good reason! :-)

mreddie said...

Have to agree with your thoughts about someone getting their Christmas shopping done. :) In their case they had rather receive than give. I'll be looking for the photos. ec

John Strain said...

Turkey fryer? If the cops were smart, they would stake out a turkey farm waiting for the next drumstick, er leg in the crime spree.

Earl said...

Everyone is chatting about the fact they didn't take something bigger, I'm worried about what the two items do when put together! I don't want to alarm anyone, but you could probably make a pretty solid car bomb with the parts from a turkey fryer AND a blender.