Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ho, Ho, Ho, Whew!

Been sittin here trying to get my head around the stuff I have yet to do and those cells are just a messy muddle. Tomorrow we have to be at the church before 9 so the kids can get dressed in their Nativity finery before the service, then back home after the service to get some housework done and a pasta salad made for the family party tomorrow night at James's mom's house. After we leave there we'll come back to our house so the kiddies can open presents here, then I'm start making the cornbread for my dressing, boiling the eggs, etc,,,so as not to have so much to do Christmas morning.

This morning Jami brought Alexis and Jillian over to stay with me while Jerri and Bubbie did some wrapping of the presents. We played for a bit and I took them back home around noonish, I think. I waited there so I could visit with my sister, Paula, and my two nephews, Fisher and Michael who arrived not long after. They brought their MinPin, Sparky, with them and we spent a good part of the afternoon laughing at Sparky being manhandled by Jerri's cat, Momma Kitty. Once, Momma Kitty even chased Sparky into the house from outdoors and if anyone had managed to have a video camera in hand, we'd have won the grand prize from Funniest Home Videos with that action shot. Sparky was making a beeline for the patio door with a look of panic and terror on her face, Momma Kitty right on her little stub of a tail with a look that said, "I could catch you if I wanted, you crazy little hound."


Phyllis said...

Awww, too bad you didn't have a camera ready. Dang!
Merry Christmas Brenda!!

Leslie said...

Kids, critters, family, food, can you not have a Merry Christmas with all that around? : ) Merry Christmas, Brenda! I hope we get to see a picture of you sittin' with your feet up and a big, happy smile on your face : )

Kentucky Gal said...

Stopping by on Christmas Eve to wish you and yours a Happy, Love Filled, Merry Christmas!!
Love You!!

Special K said...

Whew, indeed, peach. I hope you get some time to put up those barking dogs and have a snooze, too.