Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Somebody Shoot Me

It's been one of those days.

James's cousin kindly offered to help me get caught up with my housework and we're now through day 2 with no clear end in sight.

Zach woke up crouping.
Called to cancel conference date with his teacher.
Made a trip to see the doc.
Stopped at school to get Zach's class work and homework.
Home long enough to take curtains down and throw in washer.
Back to school to get Zach's work that wasn't ready the first time I went.
Did a little housework
Fought with Zach about doing his school work
Dragged carpet cleaning machine out of the corner where it was hiding
Got on line to find instructions on how to use machine cause I've lost mine.
Fought with Zach about doing his school work.
Filled tank on machine.
Watched water drain out of tank all over the counter.
Cleaned up water.
Filled tank again.
Called son to say I was too dumb to use my own damned carpet cleaner so he said he'd
be there to show me.
Filled tank to see if I was fast enough to get it on the machine without dripping too much water.
Found out I wasn't.
Mopped the floor.
Helped clean and polish fireplace while waiting for son.
Son arrived, filled tank, found crack in tank.
Discovered Zach had been using tank for God only knows what.
Decided Zach is crack culpret.
Fought with Zach about doing school work.
Kathryn drove to MIL to borrow her carpet cleaner.
Kathryn cleaned living room carpet.
I piddled with laundry some more.
Cooked supper while dodging living room furniture that was in the kitchen.
Ate supper.
Helped Zach with school work he still had not finished.
Hung curtains.
Zach finished school work at 10:15 pm under threat of torture and exhile.

The conference is rescheduled for tomorrow and hopefully we'll be caught up with the housework by then.

Please pray for me, I'm in a very dangerous mood.


Summer said...

You poor baby. I almost felt like I was reading my blog. Haha! I hope you have a better day today.

cassie-b said...

I hope that wasn't a typical day.

I really hope that wasn't a typical day!

Leslie said...

It's amazing how you manage to cram a week's worth of work into one day and still have the energy to post.

I can just imagine what that tank may have been used for ;)

David said...

Is that all you did????? LOL

Cal said...

Wow, that's some hard day. Hope today involves lots of relaxing.

anna said...

Sounds like my life! Poor girl.


Andie Pandie said...

I'm in that mood too Brenda. I'll send you good vibes if you can muster up some for me. :)

Tammy said...

First of all I cannot believe Jillian did not place!!! What is wrong with them peoples???
She is such a little beauty!!
wish I had a friend to help with housework...Hubby helps but has to lay down to do a midnight shift, hense I thought I would catch up a little on my blog visitation...just wanted to thank you for your support and for being such a great friend!!!

Special K said...

Holy crap, that's a murderous day. And is it just me, or did I detect a running theme throughout?

PEA said...

Don't you just hate days like this? That's when you wish you had never gotten out of bed!! And of course things can never work right, it's Murphy's Law! Hopefully you'll have much better and more relaxing days soon:-)

Brent said...

You are living my life, Brenda. Well, with the names changed.

I had my first 6th grade Bible Study class tonight, and the boys were ASSHATS!! I sent the girls home early and totally lost it with the boys, five of them. I told them...well, I said lots of things, but I think they know I mean business.

*Hugs to Brenda*

mreddie said...

Sounds like the kind of schedule that would make a person go to bed early and forget homework, housework and anything else. ec

jazzi said...

Methinks we'd better pray for Zach, too.'

Mary Lou said...

I am SOOOO glad my kids are grown! I hated fighting with them to do their homework.

Tiff said...

Girl you are wearing me out!! We have been "cleaning out closets" around our house. It really just looks like they EXPLODED more than anything....I wonder if I will ever get done!

Joe said...

Girl, you wore me out! :-). Hope all is now ok! Thinking of you!Have a grand weekend!

Sally said...

I'd come and help you if I could Ms. Brenda! Wow!!!

Phyllis said...

You polish your fireplace?????
Egads, woman! You sound busier than me!
Zach sounds like a little pistol!
I love him.

Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, I got tired just reading that. Time for a nap ;)

Cindra said...

I hope you have recuperated from this day.

MissKris said...

Oh, buddy buddy! And I thought MY day was bad, lol! Isn't it nice to know it's now in the past, tho? And you SURVIVED! I hate, hate, hate days like that.

John Strain said...

Your method should result in cleaner carpets after you get all of that water up.