Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Check the toilet paper for toothpaste smears,,,

Just saying,,in case you should ever need to know.

I'm feeling much better about Zach's math, he has a D instead of an F on his progress report. Now I'm trying to figure out how the A he had 12 days and 1 test ago, turned into a C. He claims he's made a good grades on last week's spelling test.

All this thinking is giving me a headache!

I've been all excited about the new season's episodes of my favorite television programs on CBS. I watched NCIS last night and although I'm upset that Gibbs has retired, I was relieved that he joined them on the show last night.

Criminal Minds started out with a bang and appears that it'll be another interesting season for them.

I caught the first episode of a new show, Jericho, tonight as well. I love suspense and this one appears that it'll be loaded with it. It's also a little horrific in that these events they'll be portraying could happen.

I'll have to wait until tomorrow night to watch my favorite, CSI Las Vegas. I'll be starting this season with a broken heart left over from the last episode of last season where my beloved Grisom hooks up with Sarah. She's not my first choice as a romantic interest for him,,,not even my 3rd choice. I reckon I'll get over it as long as they keep showing that handsome face of his.

Tomorrow will be a busy day here because the Chicklets will be visiting while Jerri and Bubbie go for his doctor's appointment. I'm already trying to plan my strategy for keeping Jilly Beans off of the kitchen table. Ha!


Tine said...

That's an awesome new look here Brenda.

jazzi said...

I wasn't able to watch tv last night, but we've been seeing the previews of Jericho. And mostly what we say is that there is NO town in Kansas that can see the Rockies in Colorado!

David said...

Kids and grades can be very trying. I so feel for him and you.

Phyllis said...

Those look like interesting shows.
I very seldom watch tv any more, but if my Bible class gets out early enough I might be able to watch Jericho.
Say, does anyone know what happened to Monkey Nuts??

PEA said...

Now you had me go looking at my toilet paper to see if there was any toothpaste smears on it!!! LOL My favourite show is Survivor and next in line is NCSI...I too was sad that Gibbs has retired, though:-( I didn't watch tv all summer and now I'm having to look at the tv guide to see when all my favourite shows are resuming again! Hugs!

Mary Lou said...

I heard that Gibbs was gonna stay retired and just come back to get them back on track, and then he will be back full time. (Whew) I had to find that out the day after I screamed and threw my remote across the room at the TV last episode last year!

I think, Jericho is gonna be really good! I have always liked Gerald McRaney!

And all the CIS' too. Miami, las vegas and NY.

Sally said...

Oh, I'm glad ML commented; I LOVE Gerald McRaney! Glad you're feeling better, Ms. Brenda.

MissKris said...

Yes, family secrets can be so devastating. My Dear Hubby had one come up in his family a while back that nearly killed him when he found out the truth about something. That happened 6 years ago and it altered something in him forever. I don't know if he'll ever fully recover. "Honesty is the best policy", so they say, but you sure wouldn't know it in the world we live in today, would you?

Virginia Gal said...

Just watched the first episode of ER for the season - so good!! But bummer they changed the opening music, I loved that music. Maybe I should write them...

As for Zach, man I feel his pain. I'm struggling in Accounting and Statistics. I too am searching the internet for books to help and tools.

My cousin uses those Kuemen tutors, maybe you have some around?

Have a good weekend!

cassie-b said...

Have fun with the little girls.

And have a great weekend.
I hope you don't have too much homework!

Tammy said...

I don't watch much nighttime tv unless hubby is off...I did try a new show last friday in did absolutly nothing for!
Pinch little Jilly's plump cheek and coo...Nanaw's gonna whip your tail if you climb on that!!!

John Strain said...

I love my Tivo. That way I never miss a show. I watch 24, House, and I am watching Jericho and Shark for the new shows.

It's a good way to relax.