Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Frenzy

What do ya'll think of my little Halloween tree? It has fiber opic lights that blink and change colors and it makes these horrid little ghostly moaning sounds. A Nanaw has to do a little something for the children so now I have this little tree, and next week I'll put out my faithful little black imp (so he can scare the pants off me with his motion activated self), and string up the pumpkin lights on the fake plant in the corner of the dining room. Then my Halloween decorating will be all done!

I was tuckered out after spending the day with the Chicklets and tussling with Jilly every time it was time to put on a new diaper (she hates wearing them) yesterday so I collapsed into the bed before the weatherman was finished with his report on the 10pm news and even slept through my "James" alarm this morning (although he said I told him I was awake when he told me it was time to get up). I called him after I'd had my coffee and had both eyes open and told him to never believe me unless I was standing, and had both eyes open because I LIE when I'm asleep (no pun intended) Ha!
I rushed around to get Zach his breakfast and toss some clothes his way and we still had about 10 minutes to spare so I reckon I didn't lose any brownie points.

The electricity went off for over 2 hrs yesterday, for whothehellknows what reason, and do you know how many times you can sing that "Banana Fanna" song in that length of time? I don't either but I think we went through every relative's name we knew and some even twice and the Chick and Jilly Beans even had time for a little game of tackle with the football (Jilly Beans did the tackling, all the while giggling) before "Noggin" finally blinked back to life.

Thank the Good Lord for "Noggin"!

I got more lovin yesterday than a Nanaw deserves.

Today I had to stop by the school to buy a 4th grade math text book, (They sold me one Cindra, yippeee! Now if I can just figure that stuff out, did you know they're already teaching them some algebra, and it's been years!) After that stop I had about half a dozen more before I headed towards home, picked up cousin Kathryn on the way, and we spent some time doing housework (she doing the most), before we finally settled in the living room to discuss the world's problems.

Jami and the girls came over after school and we talked about Krysten's birthday tomorrow. I can't wait to see if the cute little jacket I bought her is going to fit. (I was going to put one of her photos in this post but BLOGGER is being a BIDDY again, AS USUAL)! I'll be sure to take photos tomorrow of the birthday girl and put them in my webshots album for viewing.

Jaylen has her birthday coming up on Wednesday and I have HIGH hopes that Trisha will be sending me some photos to post of her. She's growing up so fast! They all are,,making Nanaw feel so old!


Brenda said...

Well, so much for showing ya'll the little tree. I guess I'll have to put those photos in webshots tomorrow too. ARE YOU LISTENING BLOGSPOT?? YOU'RE SURE BEING A BIDDY LATELY!!

Mary Lou said...

I downloaded picasa/Hello and use that as a backup when blogger wont work right.

You need to get trish a digital camera so she can email you pictures of the girls!

PEA said...

Anytime I want to post pictures I use the Mozilla Firefox browser...for some reason Blogger and Internet Explorer don't like each other! lol Sounds like a very exhausting day you had, no wonder you fell into such a deep sleep! Hope the birthday party went well:-)

Tammy said...

boy, Nanaw is early with the decorating...hehe!
me I don't do much for fall, and Christmas I take down what I do put up the day after...I'm just not into holiday decor...but I like to look at what everyone has...all I saw was the red x where your pictures were supposed to be......

Tine said...

I can't wait to see the pictures.

Cindra said...

I knew they would sell you one. You know there are some places on the internet that will give you math help. I have quite a few places I can send you. You are going to be a Math Whiz before this is over!!!