Sunday, September 17, 2006

Play Ball, Clean Carpets, and The Passy Fairy

It's been a full week around here. The living room and dining room carpets are green, and I know this because they're clean, yippeee! Zach's feeling better but James has the nasty bug now and he's so busy in the fields with harvest that he's trying to fight it off or at least live till it rains before he sees the doctor.

There's a LOT of stuff that has to wait for a rainy day or winter time around here.

The Chick is trying to cut back on her passy addiction with help from her Banny and Mommy. This old broad called the passy fairy keeps taking her passies and only lets her have them after a nice, calming, bath when it's time to sleep. On Thursday, Banny was telling me about a conversation she and the Chick had about that bad, ol, fairy.

Chick: I can't find my passies, I laid them right here.

Banny: It's not bed time so the passy fairy must have taken them.

Chick: (sobbing a little) But I just took my eyes off them for a minute, and now they're GONEEEE!

Yesterday Jerri was telling me that the Chick was crying and having a passy craving moment on Friday and she told her she'd need to ask the passy fairy where it was. I guess Jillian decided she'd had enough of that ol fairy being mean to her big sister so she went and found a passy and gave it to the Chick. That's love huh?

Jerri had a coed softball tournament yesterday down in Elaine so I dropped Zach off at the farm on the way and drove down to watch her play. Banny, the Chick, and Jillian also came and we really had a good time even though it was plenty hot and dusty down there. Jerri's team ended up in second place and I thought that was most excellent because she had only played with one other girl on the team before and didn't even know the others before game time.

A Basset hound was wandering around at the ball park all day so Jerri asked someone who the pup belonged to. No one knew, they said the dog had been dropped off by family members at an old guy's house and he wasn't able to care for him so the dog just wandered around the little town and didn't really have an owner. Jerri, being the critter lover that she is, told them that she and Bubbie had been talking about buying the girls a Basset so she told them she'd give him a home.

Trisha called last night to tell me that Jordan had also played in a tournament yesterday and her team came away with a 1st place trophy! She said those girls dug in and played hard after a couple of early losses in order to win the tournament later in the day.

Well, that pretty much sums up my week other than the conference with Zach's teacher on Wednesday, but that's another post. I hope everyone had a delightful weekend!


CJ said...

Wow Brenda, have you taken out one minute for YOU? Sounds like you're burning the candle at both ends. Be careful not to meet in the middle... I hear tell it's a bitch. *wink*

Currently it's raining here, at least a nice big shower has dumped on us and off in the North it's lightening and you can hear them the tater barrel rolling over. We need rain, no complaints here. Ooops, a streak of lightening a little too close to home... think it's time to shut down the computer before that lightening decides to run in on me.

Have a happy rest of the weekend Brenda... ((hugs))

Cindra said...

Whew! Busy, busy. I remember the passie days with my youngest. We got to the point it was only a night time thing. I don't remember when it disappeard altogether. Hmmm, Maybe I should check under his pillow and see... NAH! He's 24 and been to college.

Tammy said...

Passy Fairy....good idea!!!
My granddaughter sucks her thumb...can't hide that!!
she only does it when she settles down to sleep now but she used to do it a lot!
Glad to see you back!!

PEA said...

Well it's no wonder you weren't posting, you were so darn busy!!! Hopefully next week will be a more relaxing one for you:-) Always such a great feeling when you know the carpets are clean!! Neither of my boys used a pacifier but my oldest sucked his thumb until he was 4 years old...ended up needing braces because of that!! Loved the pictures and congrats to the ball team for winning:-) That pup doesn't know how lucky he is to have found a good home...hope it all works out! Hugs!

Mary Lou said...

Jordan plays ball in FLIPFLOPS? Yike!