Thursday, August 17, 2006

You've Gotta Wonder What The Day Will Bring

Especially when you've slept so hard that you woke up with a sleep wrinkle in yer head and a hang-over type headache on top.

I reckon I was just so happily tired last night after a morning with the girls, a shopping trip for more school supplies, and an afternoon with the chicklets that I fell into a slumber so deep that I think I even made my usual potty trips in my sleep.

I hope I made it to my destination each time (makes note to self to check carpet for wet spots).

Ya'll can check out the water fun photos if you get a chance.


cassie-b said...

What wonderful pictures! Thanks again.

Sally said...

My goodness, but they were sure having fun. They're all so adorable!

I woke up one morning, and my whole face was full of wrinkles. They never went away. :)

PEA said...

Adorable pictures as usual:-) The kids are so cute!!! I love it when I can fall into a deep sleep like that but like you say, a headache and hangover feelings seems to always follow!

Tammy said...

you make awesome pictures of your chicklets!!!
Hope I do that well this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure glad someone got some sleep! I saw 700AM come in, and then I fell asleep for 2 hours! Damn that arthur! I wish he would go away!]

ARRRRGHHH You changed comment thingies, and I cant remember my pass word!

Brenda said...

I didn't change password thingies,,I think you musta lost your cookies. :-)

Summer said...

What beautiful pictures!

Virginia Gal said...

You always make me laugh!!! Water spots on the carpet...hee hee.