Monday, August 21, 2006

Did Karr Do It?

Is John Mark Karr guilty of the murder of 6 yr old JonBenet Ramsey or has Boulder, Colorado District Attorney, Mary Lacy, helped to enable this weirdo to confess to the crime for the attention?

The, as yet, unarrested, Karr was returned to the US late yesterday after flying back business class and being treated to fine dining and champagne on the flight. Surely Miz Lacy has more to go on than this guy's "confession", right?

I'm not sure what I think, but I believe I'll hold my guilty or innocent verdict until DNA and finger print experts have done their jobs. This guy's obsession with the murdered child has had almost 10 years to fester and he's had more than enough opportunity to learn the facts about much of the evidence from the crime scene. Just Google JonBenet Ramsey evidence and you'll come up with 2,860,000 hits. Even maps of the crime scene can be found.

I hope they've found that little girl's murderer, I really do.

What are your thoughts as to the possible outcome of this investigation?


Tammy said...

I still say the cast from the show "CSI" could have done a better job in less than an!!

Cindra said...

I was pretty ticked off to find out how he got VIP treatment flying home. If he isn't guilty I think they need to incarcerate him and make him pay off the expense of flying him back to the states. He probably needs to be incarcerated in some manner for his "sickness."
Is he guilty? His wife at the time doesn't ever remember him not being around for Christmas... duh! You would think one would remember and there would be record of him not being there. I don't understand this at all.

Joe said...

Hey girl, poped in to say hi! This whole thing has a bad undertone. Will have to wait and see what else they come up with!

Summer said...

If he did it, I will be totally surprised!

Love the new template!

mreddie said...

This is one weird situation - but I take great comfort that there is a Judge that will one day punish the real perp, whoever they may be. ec

jazzi said...

We were living in Colorado when this happened. There were so many maybes about this case at the time. I hope they have caught the right person, and not just someone looking for attention.

PEA said...

To tell you honestly, I don't think he did it but like you, I'll reserve judgement until all the evidence is out! There's just something suspicious about his story.

cassie-b said...

I don't think he did it, but the confession was good for his life style. What a great ride home. Pretty clever of him if you ask me.

I'm pretty disgusted with the whole thing. Very disgusted!

David said...

Can you believe his plane ride back to the states? I would not have liked to have been on that plane and watched that.

MissKris said...

I've gotten to the point where I hate the media so much, even Fox which boasts "unbiased" news. It's all biased, if you ask me. I watch the weather forecast when I eat my morning bagels and leave it at that, haha! I figure if I wake up and the world's still here, I'm starting out my day ok. ;-) I love your new look, Brenda! Hope the headaches go away and leave you...I HATE those things.

CJ said...

His ex wife said he spent Christmas with her... I mean really, what has she got to gain for lying about something like that? She was 13 years old when they married!?! Good Lord, what kind of parent with a pea sized brain, would let their 13 year old daughter marry ANY man/boy/guy? That's just not right!

The plane ride back to the States, business class, drinking champagne and dining on prawn. What the hell is wrong with people and society, treating him like a effing King, even mentioning it. THAT was something that would have been better off left out and forgot about. He's telling his story to a journalist or someone on the plane and saying how he appreciated how the media handled things back in 1996! PUH_LEAZE, get this man off the airwaves! *hurls*

On the news last evening (tuesday) they said when John Mark Karr was a small child, his mom put him atop a pile of brush (or something like) and was going to set it on fire, but his brother Michael pulled him off. She was committed and I think they said she died about 6 years ago.

I should reserve my judgement until all the evidence is out, but for some reason, I have my doubts John Mark Karr murdered JonBenet Ramsey. There's just too many loop holes and I wish to hell I could knock this feeling that daddy dearest had a hand in her demise.

Houston said...

CJ, the wife who said he was at home at Christmas with the family is the second wife. The first wife was on Good Morning America this morning. He seduced her at 12 (he was 18). Her parents went to the police in their fine Southern city and were told to go home and wait for her to come home, because that's how kids are. The parents weren't even offered sympathy, much less help.

Resenting his ride in business class seems a bit petty. Maybe it was for the benefit of the big cop sitting next to him that they rode business class. As for giving him champagne, a little alcohol has been known to do wonders in loosening the tongue.

Personally, I don't think this creep is the one who killed the kid. Maybe it's some sort of ruse meant to flush the real killer out in some way.

I've never wanted to believe that the Ramseys had anything to do with the murder of their daughter. I still don't want to believe that. They were guilty, however, of demeaning their daughter's humanity by dressing her up in age-inappropriate costumes and forcing her to perform like a trick pony.

Disgusting, but a far cry from murder. The details coming out of Colorado in the next few weeks should prove interesting.

Hey Brenda.

CJ said...

Thinks Houston, I stand corrected. I knew ONE of his wives said he was with her at Christmas.

It's all starting to comedown the gum ball chute and you have to wonder what, or who in this case, is going to pop out? Suppose time will tell and I hope my "feelings" are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

Thanks again.. :)