Sunday, August 20, 2006

Whew,,,that was a headache waiting to happen.

I'm still doing some tweaking here cause I don't know how to correct a couple of things, but for the most part I've come to the conclusion that this look is what I was aiming for to welcome in a new season.

I'm not crazy about Autumn but it's not because I don't welcome the prospect of some cooler weather or the wonderful aromas that it brings, I don't care for Autumn because it leads to winter and I just hate cold weather and the way most everything in nature looks like it's dead or dying.

And you know, as soon as Autumn wans, Christmas comes a'callin and lately I've been having a difficult time getting myself into a Christmas mood.

Anyway, maybe this bright daisy will bring a little cheer for the next few weeks.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Leslie said...

Mornin' Brenda :) The daisy isn't showing up just yet but I'll bet it's purdy.

I think autumn is my favorite season because it's so intense here. It's just a blip between the heat of summer and the long, cold winters we usually have (though not last year). There's been a definite change in the air as of late with cool, crisp mornings and smokin' hot afternoons.

I hope you have a good week. I'm about to step back into the Real World on Tuesday. I wonder if it's changed much while I've been away?

Cal said...

Can't see the daisy, Brenda but the colour scheme is terrific, lovely rich colours just right for Autumn. I like autumn personally as long as it isn't too cold!

Tammy said...

Now ain't this cheerful!!!
Very bright...woke me right up ;-D
I'm thinking on my blogversary I may make a change but that ain't till next March...

Cindra said...

I feel like I got caught in a cyber pumpkin world!
And don't think you should be feeling Christmasy yet! Puhleeze! We hurry the holidays too fast already!

Joan said...

I love it! This looks great. Now I wish I had chosen a more colourful template, I'm such a chicken shit. I can see the daisy, or a part of it on the top.

PEA said...

I do like it a lot, it's very bright and cheerful:-) I've thought of changing my template too but for now I'll just leave it the way it is, too busy to get into that right now!!

Vicki said...

Love your new look! Very cheerful. I am hoping for some cooler weather, it has been so hot here!