Friday, July 14, 2006

I've been tagged

Click on anything underlined in this post and it'll lead you over to Attila, (I have no idea how I managed to link everything) the tagger, who has some pretty interesting stuff in her fridge, purse, closet, and car.

5 Things in my fridge:

1). 3 partially used jars of Pace hot Salsa. I think it must be a man thing, when my guys go to the fridge (or cupboard, or whereever) if it's not up front, label turned toward them, flashing neon sign with arrow saying, "HERE I AM", then we're out of it and dumbass here buys more (that gets opened and shoved behind something,,,,). The cycle continues....
2). 2 or 3 tins of Red Seal, Winter Green, Fine Cut, smokeless tobacco, and it ain't mine!
3). A tiny vial of sheep wormer and syringe. Hubby does his own vetting on his hunting dogs
unless they're sick and need a real, live, Vet. The sheep wormer is given to them monthly, by syringe, for heart worm prevention. I do not know why he puts the syringe in the danged fridge.
4). There was half a big watermelon in there but I ate it all so I'll peel and slice a canalope, put it in a sealable container, to replace it. Might do that tonight,,,,(makes sticky note to put on forehead as reminder).
5). Diet Dr. Pepper, at least 2 bottles or cans.
Five Things in my Closet:

1). A gun rack which holds whatever hunting shotguns or rifles himself happens to have at any given time.

2). Hunting clothes hanging on my robe hanger (not sure where the hell my robe is at the moment).

3). Our fold-up, pre-lighted, sized to fit in a corner, christmas tree, (in the box that's been reinforced with at least a roll of duct tape).

4). A large rubbermaid tub of Christmas decorations.

5). A little, black, Halloween Imp wearing high top tennis shoes who is motion activated and says stuff (one of the grandkids won't go potty by herself because this walk-in closet is located off my bathroom and she says there is a pumkin ghost in there). Halloween Imp has nearly made me wet my drawers a time or two before I found his on/off switch.

Five Things in my Purse:

1). 5 opened packages of gum. Different flavors, most sugar-free.
2). 3 different lip glosses because I lose them in my messy purse and keep putting more in there.
3). A bottle of ibupro because I often have a headache (he mostly goes whereever I do).
4). A handful of McDonald's, Wendy's, or Sonic's napkins because you never know when you'll have to go and there won't be any toilet paper in the public restroom,
roug and tough but will do in a pinch.....that reminds me of a funny story,,,,but I'll tell ya'll another time.
5). A change purse with 5 Euro left over from my trip to Holland a year and a half ago. I don't know why.

Five Things in My Truck:

1). 4 caps. (1 John Deere, 3 assorted baseball )
2). A beach umbrella that's been in there, under the back seat, for at least 5 yrs, or longer?
3). At least 2 years of baseball game and hotdog schedules stuck in an elastic thing on the visor.
4). Cassette tapes featuring The Eagles, John Anderson, and Vanilla Ice (those are the only ones I can recall right now).
5). A phone book.

I'm passing this over to Mary lou and Phyllis because I know they love me.


MissKris said...

I was so glad to see your comment on my blog this gave me the push I needed to get over here and do some visiting, lol! With taking care of my little grandson during the day and puppy sitting my son's two dogs for the past couple of weeks, my computer time has been seriously reduced, ha! I love the new look here, Brenda. And I may have to give this meme a try as soon as I have enough time to sit down and think on it awhile. Hope this finds you it hot in your Korner of the World? It's supposed to be beautiful here in Portland this weekend...I hope to get out and do some serious Zen time in the flower gardens tomorrow...I could sure use it!! :-D

Brenda said...

Hot enough to scorch a lizard's butt while he's eating pavement- fried June bugs! Supposed to be nearing 100 degrees.

Hope you have a great and restful weekend Miss Kris!

Special K said...


I love visiting Attila, don't you? Have you read the entry about her having to examine her teenaged son's arsehole for a boil?

Phyllis said...

Thanks, Brenda! This sounds like FUN!!! I will have to think about this one and do it tomorrow! Mary Lou will call you dirty names..hehehehehe

Attila The Mom said...

Hahaha on the Salsa!

Boy do I know how that feels!

Great list!

Brenda said...

Not yet Kat, but I'll head over there some time today. I can relate to this woman who has been at the mercy of men in her household.

Mary lou won't curse me but for a minute Miz Phyllis, thank you kindly for doing this outta love (grin).

Thank you Attila, for sharing my pain, and giving me some much needed laughs.

Tammy said...

You are just too funny!!!
And the funny thing is when I read these Meme's I find so much in common with each person that does them!!

Brenda said...

I like to believe we're all country gals at heart Miz Tammy.

Joan said...

That's great meme, and you got some good stuff in your fridge if you happen to have worms!

Also, you never have too many guns in your closet...I live by that rule heh...

It's 33 degrees C right now, you can't even take a breath out there.

Anonymous said...

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