Monday, July 31, 2006

I Guess I'll Live

I had to make a trip to the doc today so I could get a refill on the pills I need to keep my ticker beating like they say it's supposed to. I had all these inquiries in my mind, one of which was why I keep having this spasm type pain in my left chest area and numbness and tingling in my left arm. I made this appt last week so imagine my surprise to find the doc is on vacation this week so I left there after having an exam by the NP who told me that I'm having muscle spasms in my chest, causing the muscle to press against a nerve.

I do not understand why the receptionist didn't mention that the doc was on vacation when I called to make the appointment, I didn't even know he wasn't there until I was talking to my SIL later this afternoon and she mentioned that he was away. I just figured the NP came in instead of the doctor because I wasn't dying or anything, or maybe that he'd been called to the hospital for an emergency.

One of these days I'm going to ask some of these questions before I leave the office.

Anyway, I'm going to try taking the muscle relaxers as often as the NP said to and if there's no improvement, I'm going to another doctor.

When I get around to it again.


Virginia Gal said...

Well I'm glad to hear it wasn't anything too serious, but please take care of yourself! You are the quintessential strong southern woman!

mreddie said...

Hopefully the relaxers will do the trick and correct the problem. My beloved Spice has an implanted defibrillator - in case her heart stops, it zaps it back to life. Just one of the things she has to live with - another one of them is me, poor gal. :) ec

cassie-b said...

I hope that pain goes away. And another doctor might be not be such a bad idea. Really, when you schedule an appointment with your doctor, you know you might have to wait, but he should be there. After all, you made an appointment to see him.

Cindra said...

Why wait. Go see another doctor. Ask around for a good one.

Sally said...

And, I bet you pay the same for a NP, don't you? I'd make another appointment if I were you. I'm sure NP's and PA's know a lot, but not like an MD. Hope the relaxant works!! ((HUGS))

Tammy said...

gotta love the medical community doncha ya?
I don't wanna make you mad or nuthin' but he was prolly out playin' golf!!
I worked in a doctor's office for 5 years...I know these things

Leslie said...

This has been an ongoing thing, hasn't it? If the muscle relaxants don't do the trick, best you get yourself to another doctor who'll get to the bottom of it.

And a little birdie told me it's a really special day today (Tuesday).



Mary Lou said...



AND many mooooore!

Special K said...


A big hug and kiss to you from across the miles. Love you!




Andie Pandie said...

Wait? It's your birthday and you didn't say nuthin'?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. BRENDA!! :)

And yes, the receptionist should have said that the doctor was not in. Pfffttt, to her!

Tammy said...

keepin' secrets are we.....
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday dear Brenda!!
Happy Birthday to You!!!
And many more!!!!

kaliblue said...

WOW Happy B-day :-).
And I tell ya now a days these doctors are harder & harder to track down and the Receptionists are getting lazier and lazier.

Hope all will be fine with you.
Have A Wonderful Day!!.

PEA said...

Happy Birthday Brenda and all the very best to you:-) What a worry for you, not being able to see your own doctor about the pains you've been getting...let's hope the NP knows what he/she is talking about!!

Tine said...

HAPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY birthday Brenda!!! Hugs&kisses

anna said...

Happy birthday!

Your condition sounds like something you shouldn't let go on for much longer. Get the doctor to check you out, or you should check on getting a NEW doctor.

Joan said...

I don't know what a NP is, it must be an American thang. But, get yourself to a doctor that can give ya the straight goods, I know you would like to ignore it and it might go away, but don't you dare. I'm on holiday I might just be forced to come up there and drag you in.

Happy Birthday my dear...and many more..loves ya xx.

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