Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ghetto Happy Meals in the Delta

Dammit! I hate McDonalds. I hate their food, dislike their throw it together and toss it atcha attitude, and their watered down drinks. But occasionally I have to use them in an attempt to bribe the youngun that lives with me.

A couple of weeks ago I had to use them for a bribe in order to get Zach to agree to sit in the chair for an hour at the dentist's office to have a cavity fixed and some sort of treatment applied to his permanent teeth. He refused to let me wait until we were leaving town to do the McDonalds deed, so we sat in the truck in the Wal mart parking lot while he had his happy meal before going into Wal mart to pick up a few things I needed for supper. He couldn't wait until we came back to the truck to tear into the "toy" from his happy meal box so I had to listen to his griping about the hat thingy "not being a good toy" as I hurriedly grabbed what I needed and checked out.

Why did I not notice people looking at me like I was the Queen of Idiots? I musta been really deep into one of my "zones".

As I bent down to grab the drinks from the bottom of the basket to toss them into the back of the truck I noticed something red dangling from my butt. WTH?? I stood up and attempted to look at my behind but didn't see anything, so I bent over to look again.

The "Do-rag", hat thingy, that Zach had found in his happy meal had a velcro fastener on it, and when he'd tossed it down in disgust, it had attached itself to my butt when I'd scooted back into the truck to grab my purse before we went into the store.

So now, I'm sure, not only do they have a Beware poster of me in the back due to my insistence on customer courteousy, they have a gold star beside my smiling face honoring me for having the cutest tail.


Tammy said...

LMBO...ROFL...you are just too, too funny!!!

cassie-b said...

Don'tcha just love it. That's almost as good as having your skirt caught up in your panty hose at some kind of fancy outing.

It may even be better than that.

Cindra said...

That is too funny! Does Zach know there will NEVER be a return trip to McDonald's?

Sally said...

I wonder if the poster will be up at ALL the Wally World stores! I can't wait to see it - you crack me up.

Never went back to McD's after the time I tried placing my order at the trash can. :)

CJ said...

LMFAO! That's almost as good as me giving a speech in front of 1,500 plus people and as I'm walking off stage, someone pulls me aside to tell me I have toliet paper hanging out of my skirt. Yeppers when I went to potty and wiped the dew off my lily, apparently the TP didn't want to turn loose! :o *blushes*

I so can see you waltzing around in Hell-Mart with the "attachment". Har-De-Har-Har! :รพ

P.S. FYI... the cucumbers we planted were Straight-8. We planted a few hills of those Burpless Hybrids, but they didn't do piddly squat! The Straight-8's are STILL producing. Lord love a pickle. *snorts*

anna said...


I hate 'em too, but do enjoy one of their large sweet teas.

My three kids love their fat crap, and demand to go at least once a week, much to my dismay.

Being in a small town, they are one of 2 places to go eat so we have to make do.

David said...

Agree one hundred percent - I go with grandkids when I HAVE to but I hate their fattening food.

Just stopping by to say hi - will be back in about a week.

Andie Pandie said...

If I do fast food then I try to stick with Wendy's, for some reason it seems the lesser evil.

Tanya said...

Oh my goodness, that's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!!

JunieRose said...

:) That's very funny- but I bet you didn't think so at the time!

Once my sister had two prs. of shoes the same -except the color and she ended up one day wearing mis-matched shoes out shopping!!


Attila The Mom said...

I can't stop laughing!!!