Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm so tired, I'm so sore, I ain't a'gonna do it for a dime no mo!

Two posts in one day? What can I say, I'm trying to catch up or maybe I'm just puttin some words down before they get lost amongst those dead brain cells floating around in this hollow head of mine.

Today I had company, so no nap. Then I felt bad cause the yard needed mowing and hubby has been busy as a cat covering up shit trying to catch up his weed killing and irrigation on the farm after being off much of last week with BIL. So I decided to get ta mowing on it after I asked Zach how to start and operate the danged tractor (he's 9 and the little begger knew exactly what to do). I was making good progress, had one side and the back done, had even hiked up my leg so the rose bush wouldn't snatch me off the mower when mowing close to it, and MIL drove up. So I stopped and helped her pick some maters so she wouldn't get em all again. (I'm still simmering down deep somewhere over that incident).

After she finally left I noticed it was time to start cooking supper cause hubby was due in early so he could make a trip to the hospital tonight, so I did that. Then I had a little discussion with Zach about helping out around here and begged him to finish the mowing. Of course Nanaw daren't leave him outside on that machine alone, so I moved lawn chairs, a freaking TREE limb, bicycle, Barbie jeep, and various toys out of the way of the mower else he would have mowed around them and part of the yard would still need mowing.

I think this is where I screwed up. I shoulda stayed on the mower.

I'm so danged stiff I'm not sure if I can get my leg up far enough to put my foot through the leg of a pair of drawers and I got this pain above my left boob that's causing my whole arm to go numb. It must have been the big tree limb that did it.

Someone might have to come over and roll me outta the bed tomorrow.


Brent said...

I've noticed as I've, more mature, that I get sore so easily! I just don't use all the muscles that I used to. I feel your pain.

Tammy said...

Shoulda put MIL on the mower and picked her a rotten mater!!
Hope you feel better in the mornin'.

Cindra said...

What a day you had! It's a good thing we don't live close by or you would be protecting your maters from a 6'11" "mater lover." He always brings his own mayo for his mater sandwiches.

Leslie said...

I've never used a riding mower before but I've always wanted to.

Too bad scarecrows don't work on mothers-in-law. ; )

Andie Pandie said...

Oh Leslie can we call them a "Scare-InLaw" because I would buy some right quick!

Brenda I've got coffee on if you want some when you get up. :)

Joan said...

I'm sure glad you caught the MIL before she thieved all your maters.
Soon James will be call a "Son of a mater thief". Oy..that was bad!

Mary Lou said...

BRENDA!! I hope you were kidding about that pain!!!

Left side pain in the chest and left arm NUMB could be Heart Attack!!! Get to the DR>

Sally said...

Mary Lou might be right, Brenda. Don't take any chances, please.

A DIME, what happened to quarters? :)

Cal said...

I hope all the aches and pains ease off soon, Brenda.

Vicki said...

lol, next year you need to plant some "maters" in pots at your MIL's house. Just tell her that you know how much she loves them so you though she might like to have her own plants at her house.

Wish we could get some mowing done - too much rain and the ground is all wet here.