Thursday, July 13, 2006

Git Yer Eyes In Focus,,,,,

And I'll tell you why I chose to give this template a try. When I was enormously pregnant with my son (although I didn't know he was a boy at the time) I hosted our family Christmas dinner. I chose to do this so I wouldn't miss out on the occasion and the doctor had warned me not to leave the county cause the baby was due any day. Family members all crowded into my little house with their contributions to the dinner and my Grandma and Grandpa arrived with gifts for the kids. Grandma handed me a package and told me it was for the new baby when it arrived and as I looked down at the gift I noticed a tag on it that said, FOR: Paisley. Grandma noticed my questioning look and told me that if the baby was a girl, that's what she wanted me to name her.

Anyway, when I saw this template, that memory popped into my head and I had to smile at the thought that if Bubbie had been a girl we'd be calling him Paisley.


Sally said...

I love that story. Hope you get fixed soon Ms. Brenda.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work
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