Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend at a glance

Zach's birthday celebration was nice. James and Bubbie threw on the steaks while I finished up the twice baked potatoes and Caesar salad. I made the cake from a mix (I've been known to even mess that up; Martha Stewart I ain't) and it turned out great. Zach loves cherries so I topped his cake with cherries and drizzled chocolate over them. His mom and two of his sisters didn't come by for ice cream and cake because the youngest sister has tonsilitis with fever, but he had his friend Michael over, and Jessie from next door came. His sister MeriKate came with Alexis and Jillian.

After everyone was full of supper and ice cream and cake, we played Phase Ten. The babies were tired after that game so everyone went home except for Michael, who spent the night. I think the boys played Guitar Hero a LOT.

Today I stayed in bed until almost 9, did a load of laundry, threw a roast in the crockpot, and then worked all afternoon finishing up the reposting of the last company's information that was lost in the crash. Now I'm all ready for the tax season to begin, except that I'm still waiting for the state part of my tax program to be available.

Tomorrow is a holiday and I plan to sleep until I wake up on my own since Zach is out of school. I'm going to try to gather up some energy to get a few chores done and then maybe Zach and I will have time to play a game of phase 10 dice before time to cook supper.

On Tuesday I'm going with Jerri to Little Rock to take Beans for an appointment at the Arkansas Children's Hospital to check out the little lump in her "boom". James told us that he'll come home from work early enough so that he can be here when the school bus comes to discharge Alexis and Zach. Hopefully we'll be back in time for me to take Zach to Tae Kwon Do.

I'm in a little better frame of mind since the temps have risen above freezing during the daylight hours.

I don't think I'd be a very happy Eskimo.

I hope everyone has a great week!


Brandie said...

i hadn't been south in a while and thought i would pop by for a breath of fresh air..have a great week ...:)

Donna said...

Beans should be just fine sweetie! It's normal for little girls to have a lump or two in their Boom area(lots of sweet sugars)hahaa......hormonal changes. Sami had one when she was around 6 or dissolved on its own...
You be careful on the trip!!!

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Your one busy lady ... phew makes me tired just reading your post!! LOL!!
Stay warm.

Jeanette said...

Belated happy birthday to Zach. Sounds like he had a good one!
you would not have survived the weekend in my house, Brenda. My furnace was broke and my house was just barely above freezing all weekend!

Maria said...

So many chidren! What a nice picture and birthday celebration!

Just Joni said...

Sounds like a successful birthday celebration and that cake looks yummy...I think I'm going through chocolate withdrawals...haven't had any for a long time. Little girl lumps in "booms" are quite normal-a hormonal thing, but it's always good to get things checked out...have a good week and enjoy the warm spell!

joan said...

That birthday dinner and cake sound yummy. I hope beans is okay and I hope you enjoyed your day off.