Friday, January 30, 2009

A Lotta Stuff Going On Around Here.

First, the result of Alexis's appointment with the pediatric ENT doc is that she's scheduled for tonsils, adenoids removal, and they'll insert tubes in her ears, on February 17th. The doc wanted to do it earlier than that but Jerri asked him if they could please avoid the surgery during her birthday week (she'll be 6 on Feb. 11th).

Our Beans had her surgery this morning. Jerri said she was yelling for her banana up until the time the drugs knocked her out, poor starving baby. The doc removed the cyst and sent it to pathology and they'd only been back at Trish's for a little while when the nurse called to say that the culture was already growing some nasty bacteria so she'll be taking some strong antibiotics for awhile. The starving child didn't stay hungry for long after they left the hospital; she finished off chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink, after the banana, and then talked her daddy into buying her some fresh blackberries and lemon juice on the way home.

Where most children go to the bathroom first after a night's sleep, our little Beans heads to the kitchen. So you can imagine how hard it was for her to understand that she would have to skip breakfast.


I've been up to my ears in tax returns for several days now. I've finished up ours and 3 for clients so far. I still have 2 for companies that I do the books for that have to be fine tuned before I can enter the figures, and another waiting for me to sort through and compile the information before I can get to it. There's also an annual budget to be prepared for the Improvement District laying here glaring at me.

Odie the parrot has been bitchy. He squawks for crackers all day long, and any time anyone is eating anything where he can see them, he thinks he wants a bite.

If he keeps up with the noise, I might be serving parrot on a stick.

James has been getting on my LAST nerve because he has been at home, in the house, driving me crazy, for TOO long.

Zach's Tae Kwon Do classes are back in session so I rush him through as much homework as he can get done on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can get him there on time. Then after we get home I have to inspire him to get back to the homework, eat supper, get a bath, and get in bed.

He also had try-outs for PeeWee basketball last weekend. First practice is tomorrow, then there's a birthday party at Pizza hut for one of his friends in the afternoon, then another practice on Sunday afternoon.

I don't even think I'm gonna get time to take a nap around this place!


bermudabluez said...

How DO you do it ALL Brenda?? I'd definitely be pullin' my hair out by now. I sure hope that all the little ones will be ok...with the surgeries and antibiotics and everything! You sure do have alot going on there....Hugs coming your way!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Oh my that is a lot! Glad to hear that the surgery went okay!

Rhonda said...

I think that you need to clone yourself a few times to get everything done around there. I am glad that everything went okay with the grandbabies. Hope "chick" does okay with her surgery. Sending you lots of strength your way to make it through another week.

Sally said...


I'm glad Beans finally got to eat; poor baby girl. And, hoping the surgery goes well for Alexis!

Parrot on a stick~~~~hahahaha!!!


Just Joni said...

My goodness you are a busy gal...try to squeeze a nap in sometime...Odie's life may depend on it!

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

What a busy life you have!!
From a parrot to surgery to taxes... phew enough to give me a headache....
Make sure you get some rest in there somewhere we dont want you sick on top of all that!!

Donna said...

Hope all turns out well for Alexis! Will be sending lots of warmth and prayers...And Poor Miss Beans!hahaa...What a little trooper though!
I'm sorry you've got all that work to do but it sounds like you are Really a great tax lady!!
Tell James to go outside and feed something, or take Zach to TKdo...while you do other things!
Guess I'll shut-up...Hahaaa
See how stressed you are??? Odie is living in Fear!!!HAhahaaa...
Get some rest Sugar!!!((((HUGS)))

Cal said...

Busy time! Glad the surgery went well.

Jeanne said...

Yikes, sounds like y'all are crazy busy right now. Take time to breath a little and so glad Beans surgury went well. What a little trooper.

Maria said...

Wow, you are so busy! Hope everything turns out well and you find some time for a nap or blogging sometimes!
Best wishes!

Cindra said...

Have you heard any more news on the culture?