Monday, January 05, 2009


- to move in a leisurely or aimless manner : saunter

That's what I've been doing. I'm way behind on my chores but I really don't care cause my back is feeling better every day. I have a bulging disk that presses on a nerve sometimes, this causes me to unconsciously compensate for it, which leads to the muscle spasms.

All I did was bend over to get one load of laundry out of the dryer and put myself in a load of misery.

I have an ongoing prescription for cyclobenzaprine from the doctor (cause I do this a couple times a year; you'd think I'd learn!) so I've been taking one of those every 8 hours for the past week to try to get the muscle to settle down. I can't tolerate pain meds or strong muscle relaxers very well so it's a low dosage. I surely don't need anything that messes with my, already muddled, brain.

In other words, I don't need meds to make me do stupid stuff, I do enough of that drug free.

For instance; on Saturday after I'd visited for a little while with Trish, Jordan, and Jaylen, I stopped at the grocery to hobble in to pick up something for supper.
I'd forgotten about the shotgun laying in the back seat that my son had borrowed from his dad and had put in there 10 minutes prior, so the dude that carried out my groceries was a little nervous when he opened the door and saw that. I told him not to worry, it wasn't loaded, but then he noticed the tae kwon do sword laying in the floorboard and asked me if I thought I had enough protection.

I felt a little like Ma Baker as I drove home. All I was lacking was a machine gun and little cigar.


Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Don't shoot!!!!! LOL!!!
That's a funny story I love it!!
You take care of yourself.

Sally said...

Well, Ma Baker, it shore do look like ya gotta enuf protection!! Personally, for myself, I'd rather be Miss Kitty. hahahaha

I'm glad though that you're feeling somewhat better. Don't worry about that housework, I sure haven't lately. :)

Donna said...

Hahahahaa...poor bag boy!! Bet he got his eyes full!
Glad you're feeling better today sweetie!! NoMoreLaundry!!! Ever!!hahaaa....hughugs

Just Joni said...

Coming from the grocery business
I've seen a lot of interesting things in people's cars...but never a shotgun and are too funny! Poor bagger!

Tiff said...

LOL!! That is priceless!!! See at least it was that...when they carry my groceries to the care they probably are scared about what will jump out of all the mess in there and attack them!

Jeanette said...

LOL That is too funny. Glad your back is feeling better!

kimberly said...

LOL.....i can just see it....hoping that you are up and at it and feeling brand new soon! :)

Butterfly Gardener said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. And men want to say housework is easy LOL!!!

Jeanne said...

LOL that poor grocery boy must have beat a trail back into the store with such a tale to tell. Glad your back is doing better sweetie.

Louise said...

Maybe you should ask for a machine gun for your birthday!

Donna said...

ROFL! I'm not gonna mess with you, sister!

Joan said...

Brenda & James/ alias / Bonnie & Clyde. Shooting up grocery stores for some grub. I can see the headlines now.

joan said...

Heehee.that made me laugh this morning. Poor kid. Hope your back is feeling better soon. I put those icy/cold patches on my back when it really acts up and they seem to help because I am with you on the pain meds, hate to take them but when you have back problems, it's the only thing to help. And like you it's usually a little thing that gets my back acting up but the doc did tell me I am not suppose to pick up anything over 20 pounds ever. It sucks getting old. LOL