Monday, October 06, 2008

Yep, It's Monday

Abby gave Zach one of her fish because he's been eating all of the other fish in her fish tank. Sooo, now we have a carnivorous, molly fish named Charley. My bird, Odie, has been giving Charley the eye, like he's thinking, "I'd sure like to have a bite of you,,,maybe,,,if you weren't almost bigger than me."

He's that big because he's been dining on all the tiny, delicate fish in his previous fish tank condo. I don't think Odie would stand a chance in a food fight with ol fat Charley. Sorry Odie.

The photo above is not a good one of Charley, I'll try to do a better one later, maybe when he's asleep or something. Do fish sleep?

This is a mouse house. MeriKate had to make a mouse house for a reading project so Jerri and I gathered up the stuff to help her to decorate her critter's shoebox abode. It's almost done, just have to put a little paint on a few more pieces of furniture and paint the mouse occupant.

That's the mouse in the upper center part of the photo. She hasn't been painted yet but we'll get to that tomorrow. We've decided to call her a hippy mouse because of the bright and colorful interior decoration theme. We considered giving her a bong but decided that might not go over too well in the second grade.

We have to finish this mouse house tomorrow because Abby also has the same assignment and we'll have to help with hers too. We're still thinking on the next one, and not sure what sort of house she'll have, but between the 3 of us, we'll think of something.

We sure are having fun.

I hope they don't have to do too many projects this year.

It's time to have some supper and afterwards, get Zach herded towards his bath and back to cleaning his room. He got half of it cleaned last night so I only took half of his stuff today.

This Nanaw made it through the day with 3 1/2 hrs of sleep last night and no nap. I think I'm gonna crash soon.


Donna said...

Awwww....You Need Some Sleep Girlie!!! Get to BED!! But I must say I love the little critter do good work!! And Charlie is huge...I'd Love to see him up close!! Looks like he could take a Big bite out of 'ya!!hahaa...Peaceful night Sweetheart!!! Am blowing the SandMan Your way!!!hughugs

Sally said...

You're sure a good NaNaw. My first day of the week started with me finding Hunter plunging the toilet. Oh well. :)

jazzi said...

What a cute mouse house! Careful, you make things too inviting around there and you'll have the field mice moving in! Ha!

Brenda said...

Jerri did most of the mouse house work. I mostly gathered odds and ends for us to use and made the little mousy bed and part of the table. :-)

Just Joni said...

Stewart Little would pay big bucks for this high-style condo! It'll be talk of the town if word gets out.

hope your week continues to be fun (but with more rest).

bermudabluez said...

Personally, I think the bong idea is hilarious!!! LOL But, I see what you mean about the teacher not agreeing. You gotta get some sleep girl!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

How cute is that little house! We never did stuff like that in school.

I got a decent amount of sleep Sunday nite, but not so much last nite. Meh.

Maria said...

Oh yes, you need some sleep!The mouse house is so lovely! So cute!
Hope you gest some rest, too! Hugs!

cassie-b said...

You certainly have a busy, interesting life.

Love the mouse house. I hope you post a picture of the next one too.

PEA said...

I think Charley thinks he's a piranha! lol Such an adorable mouse house...isn't it funny how the child is supposed to do all the work and yet we mums/grandmas do most of it! lol Hope you were able to get more sleep last night than you did the night before!! xoxo

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I think you're gonna crash soon too! WHEW!

That mouse is ADORABLE! =^..^=

Kellan said...

Adorable mouse house! Our cat, Snape, ate all the fish from the tank in my twins' bedroom - one by one!

Have a good week - see you soon - Kellan

Brent said...

Do fish sleep?

COME ON, I didn't know we'd be tested at your site!!!

Louise said...

I hope you got to crash. I'm useless without sleep. I'm not a Nanaw. How you keep up is beyond me.