Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Veggies and Blooms

I know it's officially Fall and it's even felt a little like it with our having temps in the 70's for the past several days. Our patch of greens even know it's Fall; they're not wilting from the heat and humidity this week.

James planted turnips, 7-tops, and some mustard greens that we've been eating pretty regularly for a few weeks now.

The peppers are turning red, so they know it's Fall. Aren't they pretty? I may go out and pick some tomorrow and try to pickle a few. We have cayenne, and jalapenos, and some round pepper that's hot as blazes.

Some of the summer sunflowers thought it was Spring again; they reseeded, grew, and bloomed again. The bees have really been happy about that.

We scattered some wild flowers back in the spring and this was one of the varieties that came up. They didn't start blooming until last month. There's this color and a dark purple one. Does anyone know what they are?

We're still getting a few tomatoes from the garden too and I intend to enjoy them for as long as I can. I am usually chomping at the bit for the taste of a tomato fresh from the garden during the winter months.

Soon it will be time for all the veggies and blooms to go to bed to wait through the winter. I'll be bundled up a'waitin' for Spring!


Dawn said...

I love this time of the year. You gonna make those peppers that hot?!?!?! LOL

Have a good night.


Sharon Ellery said...

I love chillies (peppers) but it's hard to get really hot ones here in Australia. I've been on holidays for three weeks and missed a couple of challenges. Will definitely be signing up for the next one, and slowly blogging my holiday :-)


Louise said...

Oh yum! And pretty! I love that you got sunflowers twice.

The last flower is a cosmos. They are one of my very favorites.

I'm with you on the tomatoes. We haven't had frost yet, but when I know we will, I'll be out there getting every last green one. Last year I made salsa for Christmas. But it was a LONG time before another fresh tomato!

Jeanette said...

It was 37 degrees this morning on my way to work so I am now officially "waiting for spring!"

Donna said...

Yeppidy! Those are Cosmos! Love 'em!! These are great pictures Brenda! Love the bee! He looks Very busy and happy about the re-blooming! Happy day sweetie!!hughugs

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Are they habaneros, the round hot ones? I'm loving the weather but missing all the fresh fruit.

Do you make pepper jelly?

cassie-b said...

I think the flower is cosmos. Or maybe it is just from the angle of the picture.

And I think the round peppers are habaneros. They're incredibly hot.


PEA said...

Hello dear Brenda:-)

I'm back from my trip and now playing catch up with everyone!! We had snow flurries here this morning, it's only 32F as I type this so you can well imagine, we have no flowers or veggies blooming at this point! lol The only peppers I like are the sweet ones, I don't think I could handle those hot ones!! xoxo

Rhonda said...

Your garden looks very beautiful and your flowers to. I hope that it doesn't get to bad this winter though.

Jeanne said...

Okay Miz Brenda, 70s? We had a good frost night before last and they're talking about the possibility of some snow showers tonight here. Love those chillies!

jazzi said...

Beautiful flowers!
I love the look of peppers growing, but can't eat a one. They sure do add a nice color to the garden, though!

Karen M said...

Your greens look very tasty. I'm with you on the tomato thing. Our tomatoes and pepper plants are produced better this last couple of weeks than all summer. I made a bunch of salsa on Sunday from our tomatoes and Jalapenos. It was pretty good if I do say so myself.

Thanks for your prayers.

Malphi said...

Lovely pics, I adore wild flowers,