Friday, October 24, 2008

Limping Thoughts

I've figured it out, I could buy 5000 pairs of comfortable pajamas for what Sarah Darlin' spent on clothes using public donation funds in a 6 week period.

If Obama becomes president, will his wife be the tallest First Lady to ever live in the White House?

What happens to left over campaign contributions? Will they share the wealth?

How many shopping days till Christmas?

My feet are cold, Fall must have officially arrived here.

If you tape a bird's mouth shut, will he still be able to breath?


Donna said...


1. Sarah's clothes were campaign paid and will be auctioned off at More than they cost and the funds then donated to charity. Her favorite shopping place for the whole family is a small consignment shop in Alaska.

2. Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt were and are both, 5'11".

3. McCain used federal election funds which capped at 87million...Obama Was going to use federal funds then backed out on McCain at the last minute and went for donations...McCains goes back into the federal coffers and Obama will SURELY "spread the wealth" around...

4. There are 62 shopping days till Christmas.

5. My feet Also hearld in Winter.

6. And the bird will Still be able to breathe if you tape his mouth shut.....

I just Love these question & answer sessions....Hahahaaa...

Happy weekend Sweetheart!hughugs

Jeanne said...

So where does that bird breath through. Never noticed breathing holes in their beaks.

PEA said...

Brenda? I'm gonna smack you!!!! Now I'll be thinking of these questions! LOL Have a great weekend my friend. xoxo

Kellan said...

That bird question - ACK! Alexis wants to know why bird poop is white. I. Don't. Know!

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Karen M said...

You make me laugh!!!

And Donna's right there ready with all the answers.

You go girl!!

I did my part to keep taxes low today. I voted and don't want any more political emails.

Loretta said...

My feet are also cold, and I have started Christmas shoping. I am usually the last one at the mall christmas eve, but not this year. Poor little bird!!

Just Joni said...

I just want to know what kind of tape did you use on the bird...will it work on teenagers?

bermudabluez said...

You make me laugh too Brenda!! You and guys are like The Dream Team!! You know, I thought Michelle Obama looked pretty freakin' tall....didn't know she was THAT tall though. I'm only five feet tall myself. Have a great weekend my friend!!

Debbie said...

I just put on a robe over my flannels. My feet are bare AND cold. Maybe if I put on socks, I wouldn't need a robe.

I can't think about Christmas. There are pumpkins everywhere.

I never though about birds breathing. Will now. Thank you!

She is tall isn't she? So is he. He got my vote. The end.

Great post!!

Phyllis said...

1. Think of all the flannel sheets you could buy too!
2. No. eleanor Roosevelt was.
3. The Federal funds goes back into the kityy. (mew)
4. 59
5. I wear those soft fuzzy socks from Costco!
6. No, unless you keep to holes on top clear. Oh, your poor birdie! Is he making a racket?

Cindra said...

Why would you want that many pair of pajamas?
Eleanor was really that tall? Wow!
How could there possibly be any money left... I know most of my brain cells have been glazed over for months with too many commercials!!!!
I'm not shopping.... I'm knitting... everyone is getting a knitted gift, a hug and some good cookin
Fall is here also
I agree with whoever said leave the two holes open near the bridge of the beak. Isn't there somewhere you can leave the bird in a basket on the steps of a pet store or something?

Maria said...

Hallo Brenda, please come over to my blog, there is an award waiting for you!

joan said...

You are too funny. I love comfy pj's and my feet are cold also but I just can't bring myself to stop wearing my sandals yet. I hate closed shoes and will wear sandals until it snows. I'm kind of stubborn that way. LOL Yea, your commenting thing works again.

Kellan said...

Hey - thanks for your comment on mySA blog tonight! And this - "Now, pray with me that I can read the darned verification this time. I'm so dense." made me laugh out loud!! You are a hoot and you are not dense. I have complained to my editor that that daggone verification thingy is screwing with my friends and not easy to use, blah, blah, blah - she's supposedly looking into it. Thanks for trying that stupid thing and I guess you got it because I got your comment.

FYI - I met a blogger over there at mySA, and have been visiting her blog and trying to leave comments. The first day I did it - I kept thinking I was getting errors or something and anyhow I ended up publishing the same comment 10 times!!! It was humiliating and I am still apologizing to her for looking so stupid.

Hope you are having a good weekend - see you this week - Kellan

Brent said...

OMG! So many questions, so few answers!!

Louise said...

I'm with brent! But I laugh.

And my whole body is cold. It's not cold outside, but my house it cold. It's always cold in here. Nice in the summer, but not so much now. I love going outside in the warm sun, but get cranky that I can't stay there!