Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tunes running through my head

I've been listening to music on You Tube this evening, just some stuff that never gets old to me. I've even watched movies several times just because I liked some of the music they had on them. One of those is From Dusk Till Dawn cause I liked this and this. I've also watched Oh Brother Where Art Thou many times just for "Man of Constant Sorrow".


Phyllis said...

I LOVE Oh Brother Where Art Thou!
Blue Grass music is in my heart!
Old Country Gospel is another favorite!!

"Early Bird" said...

ohhhhh, gal...that was some mighty fine pickin' and a singin!!

mreddie said...

Wow, they have more stuff on the web than I have time to be involved in. ec

Brent said...

"Oh Brother Where Art Thou" is awesome!!!! And so is YouTube!!