Saturday, April 21, 2007

Down on the way to the Farm

Zach and I took a little trip down to the farm today to take some lunch to PopPop so I took my camera along in case we ran across any critters. Old Town Lake had plenty of fishermen (and women) out enjoying the beautiful day.

These guys told me the fishing wasn't so good today. They were loading up to go home.

These fine folks were from Mississippi. They had a camp set up beside the lake and were cleaning their catfish so they could cook them.

This dude was standing out in the corn field waiting for us to go away.

This old water snake was lying in a ditch on the farm.


Sally said...

Oh wow, those are great! You take such good pictures. Looks like a beautiful day in your neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing. :)

Special K said...

What? No sharks?

Brent said...

You're like us, so many critters and creatures wandering about. But I know snake-wise you have more of them. EEK! The problem with snakes is they just are SUDDENLY THERE! I don't mind picking up snakes, but they always have to sneak up on me!!

cassie-b said...

Looks like those first two fishermen must have been fishing from the wrong side of the boat.

Thanks for the pictures.

"Early Bird" said...

YIKES on the snake...exactly why I get my catfish at restaurants!!!

AndiePandie said...

YIKES! Don't those mofos bite? Eep!