Monday, April 09, 2007

April Thought it was February for a few days,,,,

See these beauties? I think they bit the dust over the weekend. We woke up Saturday with temps around 27 F, and Sunday evening they only climbed to a mere 30F. I covered some of the little plants on the porch so they may have survived but James's tomatoes didn't like the freezing cold breeze, even though he wrestled the puppy to cover them with large paper cups , so they'll have to be replaced.

We had a good Easter down here. The kids went home full of chocolate and eggs to wreck havoc for their mommies and daddies. They had fun searching for their Easter eggs,,several times. Jillian was the smart one, she was perfectly content to find the first one so she could eat it.


Cindra said...

you did lose the tomatoes? You better get some more because it is a really awful summer without those juicy babies. Glad you had a good Easter... she's a cutie.

kaliblue said...

Ya'lls temps were like us . It was snowing here friday night. Glad ya'll had a great Easter:-).
Have a great day!!.

Sally said...

That's so discouraging, losing tomatoes and beautiful flowers. We had a nip in the air, but I don't think it got as low as predicted.

I'm glad the kiddies had fun! Jillian is a doll baby. :)

This was the first Easter we didn't have a family get-to-gether. I did have the baby Fri & Sat nights, so much fun but I'm kinda tuckered out! :)

mary lou said...

Jillian sure looks like the chicky!! and your flowers should survive! Ours do anyway!

"Early Bird" said...

Yep, Easter was more like Christmas in my corner of the world!
Glad you and family had a good Easter!