Monday, April 02, 2007

Ouch and Dang It!

I'm having hell with haloscan comments, every time I visit a blog bud with haloscan and try to leave a comment, Norton gives me, "An attempt to attack your computer has just been blocked." And sometimes I don't even see a link available for comments, so I hope the blogger buds who are using this will excuse my lack of remarks, but Haloscan Hates me and won't let me!

My back is still giving me problems off and on. The on is mostly every time I try to get up from a sitting position.

I hope everyone is waking up to a fine Monday!


"Early Bird" said...

I hope you are up and about is spring you know!

mary lou said...

I have problems opening haloscan, it takes FOREVER....but there is no stupid code to try and decypher!

Sally said...

I'm sorry about your back - that is pure misery for sure! Take care Ms. Brenda - somebody has to hide those Easter eggs you know! :)

Brent said...

"....a fine Monday." Is there such a thing???

mreddie said...

Being here in Texas and on OD's computer, I have been having a little trouble commenting, but maybe I have it worked out now. I can so relate to the back pains, even though it is down to just an occasional nag now. ec

Attila The Mom said...

I've been having a heck of a time with making comments on Typepad blogs. grrrr.

Hope your back is feeling better!


cassie-b said...

It seems like there are a lot of problems in the blog world just now.

I've had comments in email that people are having a hard time commenting on my site. My host, Buzzstuff, just changed things - and we're not quite straightened out.

I hope your back feels better.