Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm backkkkkkkkkk!! But not with more than an ounce of the 2 ounces of sanity that I once had. Norton can KISS my rosy red LIPS, buttocks, or whatever, those lying, thieving, pirating, SOBs choose after DAYS of dealing with them and their lack of honesty, I went online and did a search for Virus program reviews and I bought myself a NEW one.

I'll let you know how it works out, but in the meantime, neither it, nor the firewall that came with it, has blocked my ability to comment on Haloscan.

I almost feel good!!

Definitely relieved to be done with all that uninstall, install, read this, do that, crap.

I sure hope my title for this post gets top billing on the google search engine so future purchasers of Norton products will be forewarned.

Now, how's everybody doing today?


"Early Bird" said...

I'm not laughing at ya...just with ya...I know what you are going thru!
Hope you got it ironed out now!

John Strain said...

You tell'em Brenda. Don't hold anything back.

mreddie said...

Doing fine on this end and it sounds like you might be doing a bit better as well - I'm glad. ec

Cal said...

Glad you got is sorted out, Brenda. I'm enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the start of my long weekend off!

Sally said...

If anyone can straigten out the bad guys, it's you! Happy Easter, Ms. Brenda. :)

Shenida Weave said...

Symantec's reputation is already heading precipitously downhill... my company just switched over to McAfee because of too many problems with Norton... it's a total piece of sh*t software

Symantec USED to be known as a producer of quality products... now they are just a dysfunctional behemoth that has lost touch with customers' needs... bastards ;)

Cindra said...

I quit Norton two years ago when the update download went bad and I spent 10 solid hours trying to get some english(?) speaking Indian to help me. I kept getting disconnected from India... they do that when they don't have a solution... and having to recall and start over. I finally called Washington State left a message, flagged the charge on my credit card so I wouldn't have to pay it and got Trend Micro - I love it. My son had the very same problem.

Cindra said...

Shenida is right... they used to have an excellent reputation and then they shipped everything to out of the country... that makes a couple of marks against them.