Monday, April 16, 2007

Some Days are Diamonds

I was moaning and groaning about having to get out of my favorite, non-binding, duds to take Zach up to the school this evening for their awards thingy for basketball that was finished last month, and for the drawing for the gas bbq grill that they'd sold chances for to earn money for the PTO.

Most of my moaning was due to the fact that, since we live out in the country, we don't have many neighbors that we can con into buying all those chances, and I ended up buying all 20 of the ones he brought home to sell. I let Zach fill out the names, phone numbers, etc on each one (I figured it was writing practice) and he'd done some in his name, some in mine, and some in PopPop's. And since we never win a smell of anything, I considered it a donation, and forgot about it.

They gave out their little medals and the first and second place ribbons. Then they had the drawing for the bbq grill. The little girl who'd sold the most chances put her hand in and pulled out a ticket and they called Zach's name as the winner of the grill, then they turned the ticket over and told him that since he'd sold the winning chance, he'd also won a new basketball.

That child had a smile on his face almost as wide as the Mississippi River and I swear he was strutting on his way up to claim his prizes.


Sally said...

Aw, that is soooo cool! Way to go, Zach, and way to go NaNaw!

virginia gal said...

Congrad's to Zach, that is so sweet!! Lovely story.

Cal said...

Congratulations on the win! Like the new look too.

"Early Bird" said...

Well that is great go throw him a steak on that there grill!

Special K said...

Oh, hey! Congratulations! I read your first post with Zach proudly standing over the new grill, but only just read he'd won it!

No wonder he's smiling so hard. I once won 50% off my groceries at Safeway and I danced in my spot in the checkout for at least 20 seconds, like an animal.

Good onya, Zach! You too, Nanaw!

Summer said...

Very cool.

cassie-b said...

Congratulations to Zach!

Now - I know he knows how to use a basketball, will he be learning to use the grill as well?