Saturday, January 07, 2006

My Thoughts

Ya'll know that I don't normally get too caught up in current events and politics due to my level of frustration being between slim and none, but I do occasionally have a thought or two about what's going on around me even though my thoughts don't matter in the amount of a drop of water in a deep well to the "Ones Who Make the decisions".

So, ok, I've been thinking,,,,

On Pat Robertson's 700 club message which included remarks that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's severe illness was deserved.

I believe Pat Robertson is in dire need of medical care himself because surely the man has brain damage, or is, at the very least, possessed by some demon with a "valley girl" inability to keep his mouth shut. If this guy is our road to Heaven then I fear we are Hell bound.

On Iranian and Russian talks on a nuclear compromise plan. Iran has said that it has a legal and undeniable right to build nuclear fuel cycle, and will reject any suggestion on enrichment abroad.

Well sure they're interested in building a nuclear fuel cycle,,, at around the same time they'll be using the uranium enrichment to enrich their military use of the technology. I also believe we'll be sending troops into Iran before all is said and done.

On the mining accident that killed 12 miners in Tallmansville, W.Va.

I think deadly incidents in mines and industrial firms, which nationwide killed more than 15,000 last year, are often attributed to lousy management and obsolete safety facilities when actually these can be boiled down to an irresponsible attitude and indifference to human lives. Many of the tragedies could have been avoided if owners and managers had strictly followed safety rules. Human lives and livlihoods will continue to come last when we're talking about big bucks.

On the Democrats wanting sweeping House ethics investigation.

Well, go ahead and sweep, mop, and scrub em out but for every one you remove there will be hundreds more to replace them. The facts are that lobbyists run our country, they use their bottomless campaign donations to influence policy and even write laws and I can't imagine there are even a handful of politicians who could resist the wealth and power the lobbyists provide.

On the initial age ban on older folks (over age 45) being able to go on the field and dance during the Stones Super Bowl concert because they felt it would be too physically demanding for the old geisers.

The ban has been lifted now but I find it pretty damned stupid that they would even think they could have gotten by with something like that. Holy Shit, talk about discrimination! If I were one of the fortunate who could afford the tickets I'd be using my walking cane and pacemaker to put some whoopass on the security guard who tried to keep me from wiggling my ass to some Stone's music on that football field! Hell, probably half the band is in worse shape than most 70 yr. olds but they can still get the job done!

On the Medicare Drug Plan being offered to our seniors.

This plan is so damned confusing that it's damn near impossible for our Seniors to comprehend and typical of the sort of thing our government would come up with. I reckon they feel if they make it so difficult to understand then some of our seniors will, and have, given up on even trying to sign up for it. Of course they can call the federal Medicare assistance hotline at 800-633-4227 but if it's like any of the other government hotlines, you either can't understand a damn thing they're saying, or they don't even understand a damn thing they're telling you.

I'm done now.


Mary Lou said...

whoa! I thought I was at Brenda's place...Sorry Wanda! must have hit the wrong button...;)

wanda said...

Oh Bren, 'valley girl's' everywhere are gonna be insulted for being compaired to Pat.
I've come to the conclusion he makes these outragous comments on purpose. I mean think about it, would anyone even pay attention to him if it weren't for his idiotic statements? Of course this time he seems to have ticked off the White House. He may get a good smack with Father Superior's ruler for this one.
I have to agree with you, if this mans version of Christianity is what people are depending on getting into heaven, I've got a feeling a lot of people are going to be disappointed come judgement day.
I fear you are correct about Iran. In fact I have long held that Iran, not Iraq was and is the single greatest threat in the Middle East. Not only to Americans but people the world over. The problem is now we've wasted what meager resources we have and we're mired down in Iraq. The question that haunts me is WHERE are we going to get the troops to fight yet another (and most likely even more deadly) war with Iran?
The accident in W.Va. is a tragedy that was made all the more tragic by poor communication. Until the time comes that we the people start holding coporate CEO's accountable for their willful neglect, incidents such as this will continue. The owner of this mine had been charged with 9 safety violations over the past year. His total fine? $14,000. Now 12 lives lost.
I don't know that Democrats have all that much to crow about. Frankly I think we need to boot the whole damn bunch and send in middle aged women. I think we could do a damn sight better than any of them. One things for sure, we all know how to balance a budget!!
Banning anyone based on their age is discrimination. If you know me at all you know how I feel about this whole 'banning' business.
I don't even know where to begin with the Medicare Plan. I know more than a few folks being affected by this and they have no clue what's going on. One of my neighbors told me she tried calling that 800 number and could never get through.
I think you summed it up with the 'hell in a handbasket' theory.

I think expressing your opinion is the highest form of bravery. At least in the blogosphere. Of course there will be those who disagree with you, but there will be no doubt about where you stand. I think you make a lot of sense.

wanda said...

Nah, Mary Lou, your at Brenda's. Wanda's is that place you NEVER visit any more!! ;)

Holly said...

i was watching a news show the other day, just flipped past, and it showed how muslims are taking over france. i was a little surprised, i didn't know france was overrun with muslims. the show continued on and basically talked about how france's goverment is soon to be overthrown with muslim extremists. holy shit! i thought. wow... i had no idea... that seems so bizarre.

and then it rolled on and there was old pat himself. it was a 700 club "news" segment. you want to see some scary propaganda bullshit? watch the 700 club! it's downright terrifying!

Joe said...

Well you had a lot to get off your mind diden't you! Good for you! Now about your painting, you should get envolved with Ill. Friday. It's a lot of fun. Most of mine are didgitel, I shake to bad to draw or paint! Think about it, K!

Sally said...

DAWG!! You be rockin girl! I don't know enough about any of it to talk about, but, it's beginning to feel like we're living in a garbage can. You know I tried many years to get the attention of politicians in this state - did I get anywhere? Heck no!

I appreciate hearing your views. You could be a writer for Jay Leno. :)

Phyllis said...

I ditto Sally! I don't know enough to argue about.
But the Rolling Stones are all in their 60's aren't they? Shoot, the field will be full of old people using their walkers for support while they dance!! HAHAHAHA

Holly said...

yes, they left me some dinner :o )

trimming wings is pretty easy, try calling vets in your area or try any ads in the paper that are selling birds. you may have to go to the next largest city. i learned from the breeder that i got my cockatiels from.

many times birds that have their wings grown out will get a bit "sassy" fortunately i don't have that problem with tully.

i'd clip yayas wings for you, but arkansas is one hell of a road trip!

Andie Pandie said...

My parents are having a hard time dealing with the medicare plans and are getting angry. They were told that if they don't pick a plan that the government will pick one for them. This makes them even more mad.

me said...

I think Pat Robertson needs to be put into a nursing home for people with dementia, because obviously, he has it.

And that Rolling Stones thing would really piss me off!

Special K said...

With friends like Pat Robertson, Christianity doesn't need enemies. He should really let that cut under his nose heal.

When Young Whippersnapper Justin visited me on Boxing Day, he brought over a couple of books he thought would be of interest to me. Both concern Alberta politics over the last 12 years (since our current premier first took office), but one was specific to the notion of privatizing some parts of health care.

I did read the books with interest, though when I was through, I wasn't sure if I should thank Justin or slap him. The less I know, the happier I can pretend I am. I'd suspected we were all being snowed to an enormous degree, but knowing now precisely the extent to which we got hosed has done me no favours.

They say "money talks, and bullshit walks", but that's a black lie. If anything, "money talks bullshit, and we buy it anyway" would be nearer the truth.


wanda said...

"They say "money talks, and bullshit walks", but that's a black lie. If anything, "money talks bullshit, and we buy it anyway" would be nearer the truth."